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Is It Good? Justice League #24 Review

And now we turn to Justice League for its tie-in to Forever Evil. We’ve seen what the other books and mini-series brought to the table, but let’s see how Geoff Johns handles a tie-in to his own event. Is it good?

Justice League #24 (DC Comics)

Justice League #24 Cover

Before Forever Evil, before Trinity War, before it all, we see the origin of Ultraman: a baby sent from a planet full of a------s that was being destroyed by a great threat. His mission is to get revenge for his dead people and he’s indoctrinated in his space pod about how to be a colossal douche as well. After the origin, we also get to see the character in the present head to Earth’s Daily Planet to see what this world’s versions of the people he knew are like.

Justice League 24 01
If you hated Man of Steel’s version of Jonathan Kent, then this version will certainly give you a blind rage.

Now this is a tie-in! You don’t necessarily need to read it to understand what is going on with Forever Evil, but it works great at adding backstory and motivations to the villains so we get a better understanding of where they came from. It doesn’t change that they are jerks to the nth degree, but it is neat to learn more about them and see how they operate. Plus, the scene with Ultraman in the Daily Planet is great, especially seeing his reactions to how different everyone is than what he’s accustomed to. It’ great supplementary material to add extra levels to the event.

But even besides that, it’s still a solid book overall. The origin is a fun and evil twist on Superman’s that highly enjoyable. There are also hints and nods left in Justice League #24 to the other villains’ backstories and other familiar characters (Hello Doom Patrol! ), the dialogue is enjoyable, the pacing and flow is perfect without any odd pauses or breaks to slow things down, and the entire thing ends on a great cliffhanger to entice you to check out Forever Evil #3. Some may have wanted more backstory on particular characters or even a bit more of that action scene at the end, but as it is, it’s a highly enjoyable book.

Justice League 24 02
Make sure to eat plenty of green minerals to grow big and strong, not vegetables, kids.

The artwork by Ivan Reis is a treat, but then again it always is. Despite some female characters having the same face (a common problem I’ve been noticing recently with artists), all of his characters look great and exhibit a wide range of expressions. The amount of detail that goes into everything here is amazing, from the action to the scenery. The coloring is fantastic with a beautiful range of hues used that blend together and make the art pop.

Justice League 24 03
Jimmy, I don’t think it is a good idea to take a picture of the powerful and angry looking man.


  • A truly great and enjoyable tie-in.
  • The origin and past events on Earth 3 are fun to read.
  • Beautiful artwork by Ivan Reis
  • No story progression outside of the ending.

Is It Good?

Without a single doubt. Justice League #24 is a near perfect example of how to do a tie-in right, by adding extra content to enhance the main event while also not being necessary to read so that you can stick with the main book if you like. The origin and scenes from the past are a lot of fun, the artwork is gorgeous as always, and the entire thing feels really satisfying to read. It’s hard to imagine that Justice League was only an “okay” book over a year ago because as it stands now it’s one of the best superhero fun books DC is putting out. This is a must buy.


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