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Is It Good? The Other Dead #2 Review

Zombie animals? Really? I initially wasn’t totally on board with this book’s concept; I just can’t see zombie animals posing any kind of threat against humans. But how does this comic tell the story of zombie animals? Is the actual comic more appealing than the concept? So many questions, but only one matters: Is it good?

The Other Dead #2 (IDW Publishing)

Even though I wasn’t ecstatic about last issue, I was pretty excited to read this one. I’m not sure why; it might just be that I can’t turn down a zombie story, or just that this book seems like it had some potential. Either way, I started this comic with an open mind and a craving for some good ol’ zombie killing. And I have to say, I was surprised.

Reading this issue gives me a much better appreciation for the last installment. #1 was slow and was more setup than anything else, and it paid off this time around. Now that we know who all the characters in the story are and where they fit in with the rest, it is much easier to enjoy this action packed issue. We start off with Az and his brother getting attacked by zombie ducks.

Wait a second, zombie ducks?! It sounds pretty stupid but actually the flying dead pose a neat kind of threat. Ducks have a sort of mobility that a creature walking on the ground can’t match. The ducks are able to break the windows of the house so even when you are inside walls you can’t feel totally safe. The suspense is real and the action is in your face.

The suspense is real and the action is in your face

The two brothers escape into the safety of their basement where they find all sorts of useful crap. They load up on axes, shovels, saws, screwdrivers, you name it. Although this is a kind of convenient way to get our protagonists armed, it gives you a nice bit of hope that they might just make it.

Before bursting out through the basement doors to face the ducks, Az makes a quick call to J, his girlfriend, requesting a lift. Az and his bro then break out and slaughter some ducks. This is bloody fun and zombie killing done right. Bravo.

Once in the van everyone decides to get the rest of the group together, because hey, the more the merrier. They pick up a couple of buds then hit the road. I like the way the author put the band back together; and thankfully, we knew everyone from last issue so there was no time wasted on introductions.

This main story plays out alongside a much different story, that being of the president and his crew. They face a much more savage threat than ducks: zombie dogs! As the cover suggests a few guys get torn apart until they eventually subdue most of the beasts. My only problem with this scene was the guy holding the video camera gets killed and the camera cuts in a rather cliched manner.

Looking at this issue as a piece of art, it’s done its job well. The story was supposed to be a zombie killing adrenaline rush and by those standards it succeeded. The action was gritty and I actually feared for the characters. This story, although by all means fictional, seemed not too far off from what people would actually do when faced with the zombie apocalypse. The threat may be based in fantasy, but the reactions were real and relatable.


  • Edge of your seat action sequences
  • Makes the previous comic worth it
  • Art compliments the writing perfectly
  • A plot convenience here and a cliche there, nothing serious, though

The art was solid and part of the reason this book was so exciting. Qing Ping Mui does well with action, movements and great blood and gore. If I were in charge of the artistic duties I would have dialed it back on the colors a little and done bolder inks, but that’s just me.

Is It Good?

Do you want to read an exciting comic about zombie animals? If this is what you’re into, it’s great. I supposed it wouldn’t really be that fun for anyone wholly disinterested in the horror genre, though.


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