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Is It Good? The Rocketeer/The Spirit #2 Review

Almost three months ago, I reviewed Spirit/Rocketeer Pulp Friction #1 (that’s a long time to produce a comic.) That was my first review on AiPT. It has been a blast to write on this site and I hope that you guys enjoy what I put out each week. It’s been a long time since last issue; has this book lost its magic? Is it good?

The Rocketeer/The Spirit #2 (IDW Publishing/DC Comics)

The Spirit and Rocketeer are knee-deep in mystery and conflict. After a bit of cheesy, old school dialogue, our heroes are racing off to tackle the next step in unraveling this mystery. What Mark Waid has assembled here is a nice group of characters. Each are equally charismatic and possess a kind of charm that often gets lost in large-roster money making books.

Our brave protagonists run into many a hindrance along their perilous journey; for instance, traffic jams and waiting rooms. That kind of ticked me off in the first part of this comic, the tame and safe way that Mark Waid was crafting this tale. We came to see some high-soaring pulpy action like the cover suggests, not a soap opera. But even still, this comic is fun to read because of the how clever the characters are and the way they interact. I especially like how Mr. Waid is using his female stars; they have some personality and spunk and play a pivotal role in the narrative.

I also think this comic did a nice job setting up the rest of the series. We get a little glimpse and insight into our villain, Benedict Trask. This is well-played and organized and thickens the plot just that much more. How the case is progressing and culminating is quite intriguing and fun to read.

The last sequence of this comic was storytelling done right. Two planes with gatling guns swoop down from the sky, guns ablaze, aiming right for our motley cast of characters. The Rocketeer and Spirit suit up and take off to counter the attack. This is just what this comic needed: a little action and suspense that wasn’t all social drama. This is a fun, lively action scene that gives the book a little flavor.


  • This book is a joy to read in terms of the dialogue
  • Art is pitch perfect for the story
  • Finally some action!
  • Still a little too mellow for my tastes

And the art is pretty brilliant too. In keeping with the tone of this book the artist creates charismatic, youthful visuals that perfectly compliment the writing and story. This creative team could not have picked the more perfect artist.

Is it Good?

Yeah. A fun, old school comic that is definitely worth your cash. In fact, if you could buy only one indie comic this week, choose this.


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