Tell me if you’ve heard this one: Dracula, Vampirella and Dracula’s daughter team up to fight bear people. No, never? Okay, well, there’s a comic that came out today called Vampirella Halloween Special 2013 with that very premise just in time for the holiday. Is it good?

Vampirella Halloween Special 2013 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Considering I’ve never read a comic with this trio teaming up I can’t say I’m a fair judge of this comic, but I’ll do my best. It’s safe to say if you’re in the same boat as me you’ll be a bit lost going in regarding the dynamics between the group.

The dynamic soon becomes apparent enough though: Dracula doesn’t recognize the girl as his daughter, Vampirella doesn’t trust either of them and Dracula’s daughter is spunky and youthful. The issue opens with a sacrificial ritual with a naked lady. Now that’s how you kick off a comic eh!?

That’s what I’m talking about!

The comic rests on the dynamic between these characters though, much too much in fact, which hurts the experience if you’re not coming in with the back story. Even still, I found their interactions a burden and a bit of a bore to read. I get they’re supposed to have an interesting bit of back and forth, but it comes off as filler and rather boring. That’s partly because not much is said that matters.

That said, writer Shannon Eric Denton does do a good job with the dialogue. The characters are unique from each other and it flows, it just doesn’t have much worth. The art by Dietrich Smith is also up and down; there are moments where it’s great but also moments where it looks unfinished and bland.

…Then this happened. That’s the way teddy bears really have their picnics.

There are some badass moments though, and for what it’s worth the Halloween specialness of the story is effective. Vampires taking on bear creatures? It’s just zany enough to be fun and just horrific enough to work.

Make sure you wipe that seat!


  • Well rendered dialogue and moments
  • Boring dynamic between characters
  • Bland art

Is It Good?

It’s just alright and could have been far better. The premise is a real winner, but there could have been more for the characters to do and by extension things for them to learn and grow from. As it is this issue is a series of events that works from time to time but isn’t worth much of your dime.