In last week’s episode we learned that a large portion of the prison had contracted that nasty (and very lethal) virus that had been going around. By the episode’s end, it was revealed that someone had killed and burned the bodies of two of the infected people, one of whom was Tyreese’s main squeeze.

As you might imagine, he had a very big problem with this.

{Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3, “Isolation” ahead.]

Fanatical Fisticuff


Tyreese is understandably pissed off something fierce about Karen and whoever that other guy was getting roasted. This leads him to demand that Rick use his magic policeman powers to discover who the killer is.

When Rick instead tries to show empathy over what it feels like to lose a loved one, Tyreese lashes out and begins pummeling him while Daryl and Carol desperately try to stop the fight. Unfortunately for Tyreese, this isn’t farmer Rick anymore; it’s Rick ‘The Pig Slicer’ Grimes, who snaps back himself and leaves Tyreese with a nasty looking swollen eye.

Piling it on


As if things weren’t bad enough for poor Tyreese (who continues to take out his frustration by angrily digging a grave for his girlfriend and the other dude), it is revealed that his sister, Sasha, has also become sick.

The doctor who was randomly introduced during the episode’s first season is now sick as well, making it doubly imperative that a cure or way to stop the virus from spreading be found soon. We also get a chance to visit the quarantine cell block with Sasha, where we see just how bad things are getting for those still among the living but infected with the worst cold ever.

Herschel later mentions that even though the prison has basically run out of medicine, a veterinary college 50 miles away might have some badly needed antibiotics. Daryl and Michonne decide to go. The Council also makes the decision to quarantine all young and elderly people who may be more vulnerable to the disease, which of course royally pisses off Carl.

Failed apologies and spreading sickness

Tyreese accuses Rick of being more concerned about keeping things at the jail running smoothly than finding the person who murdered his girlfriend

While Rick and Carol unsuccessfully try to get a water pump started, she suggests that Rick go and talk to Tyreese. When the two meet, apologies for their early altercation are exchanged… followed by more tense words between the two.

Tyreese accuses Rick of being more concerned about keeping things at the jail running smoothly than finding the person who murdered his girlfriend. Anyone would be distraught after going through what Tyreese is dealing with, but it’s becoming very clear that he is in a very volatile state that could mean some very bad news for whoever gets discovered to have burned those bodies.

Meanwhile, Maggie walks in to discover that Glenn has contracted the virus as well. Now that it’s spreading to main characters, this thing has officially moved into game changer territory.

Carl vs. The Ponytail


While Carl patrols the cell block being used to quarantine the very young and old, he comes across Herschel preparing to go on a magical berry picking mission. Carl tells Herschel that he can’t leave the quarantine and threatens to use his go-to move to stop him (tattling to dad), which Herschel laughs off as he leaves. Unfortunately for him, Carl insists that he now has to come along with him into the woods.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Michonne recruit Bob into their medical supply group. They also try to recruit Tyreese, but he declines so that he can stay and keep watch to make sure no one tries to kill and torch his sister.

Meanwhile, Herschel and Carl wander through the forest and come across a couple of zombies. Carl is about to shoot them with his newly reacquired gun (now equipped with an awesome looking silencer) but is convinced by Herschel not to do so because it isn’t needed… which proves that he’s matured or something, I guess.

Carol vs. Water


After talking to Sasha through the glass in an execution room (which can’t be good from a foreshadowing standpoint), Tyreese decides to join the group that is going out to obtain medical supplies.

Before leaving, he stops to ask Carol, who he considers one of the people who actually cares for everyone, if she will look in on Sasha and make sure that his sister is alright. She agrees and offers some words of comfort to Tyreese.

But after he leaves, Carol begins to cry. She then completely hulks out and needlessly attacks a barrel of drinking water, spilling the valuable resource on the ground. Feeling bad about the results of her outburst, Carol decides to once again fix the water pump, but this time by herself.

Meanwhile, Rick uses his special police powers to examine the crime scene where Karen and that other guy were burned. He notices a bloody handprint on the doorway that’s smaller than his own (which thankfully rules him out as one of the suspects).

Signs of life and lots of undead


Back on the road towards the veterinary hospital, Daryl gets excited when he hears voices on the radio; there may actually be other people out there (or he’s finally found a station that’s playing old Rush Limbaugh episodes).

But as everyone knows, distracted driving leads to death. In this group’s case, however, it leads to running over death and then slamming to a stop right in front of a giant herd of it.

As their car gets stuck trying to reverse through a zombie pile, the group gets out and begins trying to hack and shoot their way to freedom…except for Tyreese, who doesn’t even take his seatbelt off. But after hearing Bob’s cries for help, he finally decides to man up and goes into complete beast mode, leaping from the car and taking on almost the entire zombie horde by himself.

When the rest of the group sees that there is nothing they can do for him, they run off into the woods while Tyreese shouts at them to go.

Herschel lays down the law


Back at the jail, Maggie and Rick try to keep Herschel from entering the quarantine area to provide elderberries (which can reduce fevers) to the sick. He responds by sending his metaphorical peg leg up both their asses with a fantastic speech about how they risk their lives every day and doing so to help others is more than worth it.

It is later revealed that in this new post-zombie apocalypse world, no one covers their mouths while coughing when the doctor carelessly hacks blood all over Herschel while he is tending to him. In response to this, The Ponytailed One simply accepts that he may die and continues looking after the sick as best he can.

Meanwhile, the expedition for medical supplies has turned into a hot mess. But just when it seems like all is lost, Tyreese inexplicably emerges from a clearing covered in zombie guys and heroic glory. Daryl grabs him and they head off away from the horde of walkers still lurching towards them.

The Killer Revealed


Outside the jail, Carol tries to get the pump started while a group of fence zombies (who would have been a much more productive target to take her earlier frustrations out on) notices the tasty snack just a few feet away from them.

As the herd moves away from the fence and towards Carol, Rick comes charging in to save her from getting devoured. The pair barely makes it out alive, but the tension is far from over. Rick asks her point blank if she was the one who killed Karen and Dave (THAT’s his name!), to which she firmly replies “Yes.”

Final Thoughts


  • Continued trend of the zombie action getting better each episode
  • Shocking revelation of who the killer from last week’s episode is
  • Possible new plot thread with other survivors in the area
  • Tyreese’s reaction went way overboard (even considering all he’s been through)
  • Rick still seems weak (at least for the first half of the episode)
  • Rick had to jump through a fairly large plot hole to discover who the killer was

For the first half of this episode, I was starting to think that this might end up being my first negative review of the season. While Tyreese’s grief is totally understandable, his completely unhinged reaction seemed pretty forced.

I also felt like we had established that Rick was going to try and take charge last episode, so having his resolution put into question again so quickly felt a little off.

But the second half the episode saw Rick finally take the bull by the horns, some great zombie killing action, a potentially great new plot thread (with other survivors being present), and a shocking revelation.

Having Carol end up being the killer gives Rick a near impossible first test as he retakes the reigns of the group. This is someone who he thought he knew and could trust. There’s also the matter of what Tyreese will do when he finds out… if he makes it back alive.

Of course, I’m still a bit perplexed as to how a small bloody hand print led Rick to the conclusion that Carol was the one who did it. Maybe he really does have magical police powers after all.

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