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Is It Good? Dinosaurs Attack! #4 Review

More dino fun this week from IDW, which is fitting considering how gory this series has been. Halloween needs more dinosaur induced gore amiright?! Well, is it good?

Dinosaurs Attack! #4 (IDW Publishing)

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Whelp, the world is completely screwed; dinosaurs are eating brides, grooms, kindergarteners, I mean it’s just a real mess. A scientist used this orbiting satellite to peer into the past, but ended up zapping the dinosaurs onto current day Earth. It appears there’s a subconscious entity controlling our scientist and there aren’t a lot of options left. Is Earth doomed?

What is this gravity?

In previous issues we’ve gotten a little or a lot of character development, with an ebb and flow between that and dinosaur attacks. We’re talking outrageous gore shots and a lot of fun action. One reason for the imbalance is Earl Norem’s paintings, which were originally trading cards. I can’t be certain, but I think they’ve pulled his cards and used them as panels throughout. That means there’s a lot of “piecing together” needed between his stellar paintings. This issue has a ton of said paintings though, so be prepared for some horrific gore dino-style!


We are only two issues away from the end of Dinosaurs Attack and I’m not seeing much progress towards that end at all. This issue does show that conventional weapons of the army can be used effectively against the dinosaurs, but the scientist storyline is treading water at this point. I’m not sure many folks are looking for a well rounded story though, so it’s just fine by me that these plot developing moments are in some sense an excuse to get to the painted dinosaur attacks.

Now that’s just silly.


  • Once again the paintings look great
  • Not much development of the plot

It wasn’t until this issue I realized what a great series this has been for horror, gore, and dinosaur fans alike. This is a good series that’s filled with a sense of nostalgia for those who love dinosaurs. To think this could be a movie, and it’d be a fun one indeed, in a grindhouse or B movie vein, is an exciting prospect. Instead, we’re left with this comic book, which by all accounts is enough to tide anyone over looking for this fun concept.

Is It Good?

Another decent issue that isn’t quite as great as previous issues, but still good.


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