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Is It Good? Green Arrow #25 Review

This month heralds the parade of tie-ins for the Batman event, Zero Year. Not only did a lot of the Batman titles tie in, but so did comics from outside of the Batman line, and Green Arrow is one of them! Is it good?

Green Arrow #25 (DC Comics)

Gotham is in the midst of a massive blackout that has been going on for over a week now and Moira Queen went down there with her security team to help out. Unknown to her and the world, Oliver Queen has returned from the island still alive. When he hears about her being down in that area, he heads there as fast as can. However, will he be fast enough when a crazy lunatic with a penchant for moths show up?

Hmm… needs some work in the costume department, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere.

This was an overall enjoyable comic if I do say so myself. It is essentially the first outing for Oliver as Green Arrow and it’s pretty good. The motivation is understandable and relatable, making us root for him. The characters are all likable and enjoyable to watch, especially with Batman when he pops up. The pacing and flow are strong and the ending is great at tying into the next story arc.

There is also a backup story included (which is why the book costs an extra dollar) and is about how Green Arrow and Diggle (from the TV show Arrow) started to team up. It’s very strong with the characterization for Diggle and I think it is a great adaption of the character from the TV show into the comic. Even if you are not familiar with him on the show, you’ll learn everything you need to know about him here.

Everyone in Gotham is extra freaky!

We have two artists on this comic: Andrea Sorrentino does the main story while Denys Cowan draws the backup. Andrea Sorrentio’s artwork is fantastic as always if you have been reading the comic up until now. The flow, the movement, the layouts, the action, the characters, and the fantastic use of coloring and inking have made Green Arrow one of the best visually impressive comics out there. The best highlight of this is the scene where
Batman and Green Arrow are repeatedly punching Killer Moth over and over, with the use of color to show who is punching now and how the villain is just getting knocked around. It looks great. Now stuff with Denys Cowan is nowhere near as good. Not to say the artwork is bad (just not really my cup of tea), but there isn’t anything here visually impressive. It’s mostly just two characters talking to one another while another narrates to the audience.


  • A solid tie-in where you don’t need to read either story to enjoy it.
  • The artwork is great and visually stunning.
  • The characters are enjoyable to read and well written.
  • Denys Cowan’s artwork is not nearly as good as Andrea’s.

Is It Good?

Green Arrow #25 is very enjoyable book that is a fun tie-in into Zero Year. You don’t need to read that event if you are just reading Green Arrow and you don’t need to read Green Arrow if you are just reading Batman. The best of both worlds, but the story presented here is interesting and offers enough hints that if the reader was so inclined, they would probably want to check out either comic now. Definitely worth a look.


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