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Is It Good? Pathfinder: Goblins! #4 Review

Pathfinder: Goblins! is a fun series in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and delivers two goblin stories per issue; it’s basically a miniseries anthology. That means any old yokel can pick this book up and enjoy it. That also means a dud or two can throw an entire issue into disarray. So how’s the latest entry into the series? Is it good?

Pathfinder Goblins! #4 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Missed our review of issue #3? You’re in luck, because it’s right here!

This issue opens with “The Gobbling Goblin” written by Jeremy Holt and drawn by Christian Meesey. This story follows a giant goblin bully who eats whatever he wants, which unfolds through another goblin telling his story.

The art is quite strong from Meesey and has a storybook quality straight out of a classic fairy tale. The story seems to have a twist ending of sorts, but it’s not immediately clear what that twist is unless you give it some thought. It also seems to end rather abruptly, as if Holt had more to tell but simply ran out of pages.

Love that bunny.

The second story, titled “Horsechopper” is about another group of goblins who are telling tales around a fire. In this case, little white lies abound while the story is being narrated, while he art reveals to us the truth. It’s a nice way to show the boasting that goes on between characters and it works as far as the humor is concerned. That said it does run its course and become a bit boring. It’s basically the same joke over and over.

Nice teeth. Tall tale much?

This story, written by Wesley Schneider and drawn by Jainai Jeffries, has an eclectic use of layouts and a more CGI-ish rendering of the characters. It might be the coloring that does it, but it pops right off the page.

Like a classic.


  • Great art throughout both stories
  • The humor works for a spell
  • A bit of a let down here and there
  • Second story loses its steam

Is It Good?

It is, but just barely. The stories are similar—almost too much so—which makes the anthology aspect a bit of a dud. I’d rather more variance between stories. It doesn’t help the second story doesn’t seem to have enough going on it justify its own existence, while the first ends abruptly. That said, it’s not a bad read and should give everyone a chuckle.


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