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Is It Good? Swamp Thing #25 Review

After that annual last month I am super excited to see where this comic will go. With the big battle between Swamp Thing and Seeder about to begin, who would want to miss it? Is it good?

Swamp Thing #25 (DC Comics)

It’s time for one big fight scene, Swamp Thing style! Who is the better Avatar of the Green? Swamp Thing or Seeder? Who will win? The answer to that is a secret!

Swamp Thing is unamused.

This issue is basically just a fight to determine who will be the next Avatar. Nothing more and nothing less. However, that does not mean at all that this wasn’t a good comic. It was great! Watching the two unleash their strategies against each other was great and very creative, especially with a couple of the moves that Seeder pulled out. The story moves quickly and never slows down, really pulling the audience into it. The ending was great overall and definitely interested in seeing where Alec goes after all this.

The artwork was by Jesus Saiz and it was just beautiful. Saiz really brings the fight and creativity of it all to life, making the whole book a feast for one’s eyes. Everything moves great from panel to panel and the coloring and inks are vibrant. I may not be saying much, but trust me, if you saw this, you would understand why it looks fantastic.


  • The fight between Swamp Thing and Seeder was amazing to read.
  • The creativity and intelligence displayed by the characters is great.
  • The artwork, as always, looks beautiful.
  • There is nothing else to this comic other than one long fight scene.

Is It Good?

Swamp Thing #25 may not have much in terms of story and there may not be much to say about it, but it is surely a great book overall. A great fight and beautiful artwork are more than enough to justify this issue as a must buy. Check it out and prepare to have a good time.


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