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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #18 Review

Battle of the Atom ended with Kitty Pryde leaving the Jean Grey school and trying her luck at the New Xavier school. Being the faithful and promising young mutants they are, the time-displaced Original X-Men followed her there. What happens as Brian Michael Bendis ushers in a new age of X-Men? Is it good?

All-New X-Men #18 (Marvel Comics)

Although the cover may try and deceive you, the interior pencils are not by Brandon Peterson but rather the regular All-New artist, Stuart Immonen. As always, Immonen’s style is impressive and engaging. The lines are dynamic, the colors vibrant and the inking could stand no improvement. Overall this book has one of comics’ greatest artistic team.

Although this team is moving into Cyclops’s headquarters we won’t be focusing on Scott himself. Rather, Magik is to become the students’ unofficial second professor. This is done subtly; no character up and says: “Meet your new professor, Magik!” instead, Illyana just hangs around and gives the students words of wisdom and new costumes.

This is clearly a book about the characters, and Bendis tends to get characters right. All of the interactions are intriguing and seemingly natural. I think the issue could have done without the Jean-Stepford Sisters scene, that felt a touch forced. I’m really digging the competition for Jean’s affection and where Bendis is taking it. There is an interesting, if not totally original scene where Jean sees Hank and Scott’s thoughts and rages learning that she has the ability to levitate. Also, adding Warren to the list of Jean’s suitors just adds more drama.

Although all of the happenings with the younger X-Men are interesting this comic is really thoughtful in its moments with Kitty and Illyana. They talk about everything from the Battle of the Atom to Illyana’s brother, touching on some hard topics and getting a lot of quality girl time. I also think that with these two at the head of this division of mutants, this book will get better by the issue.

In terms of moving the story along, this issue is only meh. Nothing really happens in this issue outside of the X-Men moving in and getting re-suited up. I think that if some encounters were squeezed into fewer panels this comic would have a lot more time to progress the story, which would serve the X-Men better in the coming issues and give us a more satisfying 15 minutes.


  • Sophisticated and vibrant art
  • Characters are what make this issue
  • Not enough story for $4

With my final comments I want to touch on the brilliant use of yiddish in this book. Kitty Pryde uses words like “mishegas” and “tuchas,” which are only there to tell you that this is a really light-hearted book that you shouldn’t take too seriously.

Is It Good?

Yeah, what is a relatively tame issue is beautiful in its characters and small moments.


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