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Is It Good? Marvel Knights: X-Men #1

I bought this comic expecting it to be completely different from my usual X-Men fodder. I yearned for a comic that had nothing to do with the current X-cannon but was still incredible to read nonetheless.

To my dismay, upon reading the opening pages of Marvel Knights: X-Men #1, I found it was set in the current X-Universe. Well, shucks. That doesn’t mean there isn’t enjoyment to be found from the book, however. So let’s answer the question, Marvel Knights: X-Men, written and drawn by Brahm Revel. Is it good?

Marvel Knights: X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics)


No. Not another X-Men book with Wolverine. I’ve seriously had enough of Logan and it’s not a welcome surprise to see him in yet another X-Book. (Still, business is business I guess.) The only other recognizable faces in this book are Rogue, Kitty and Beast, although Hank only hangs around for the beginning much to my displeasure. The concept of the book is good enough (good enough, not great); a couple X-Men travel to a small town to look into a mutant murder spree in hopes of saving the young mutants and recruiting a few students.

I felt like the storytelling, just in the first five pages or so, was extremely rushed. There is a big character reveal at the end and it felt like this issue was just trying to work it’s way towards showing off that character, which in the end wasn’t that crazy of a surprise. The pacing throughout the rest of the issue is quite good, especially the end where it seems the creative team is really getting a good feel of how to tell this tale.

The writing, pacing aside, was good; again good not great. Could the dialogue been a little smoother? Yes. Could some of the character’s reactions been a little less cliched? Yes. But still, Brahm Revel manages to write a fine 22 pages.


Revel’s art is what really differentiates Marvel Knights: X-Men from the rest of the X-Men comics out there. It is extremely dark yet a touch cartoony and works perfectly for this comic. I was blown away by the detail and masterful use of color used when displaying the new found mutant’s power. I really appreciate how this book doesn’t have the “cheery” feel of many X-Men comics now and is taking many risks with this different a style.


  • Unique and interesting art
  • Pacing is better towards the end
  • Nothing crazy original story wise
  • Characters are blah and standard

I think that the characters are really a weak point for this issue. Rogue is a southern gal so, I mean, why would she talk about anything other than the south, right? (Groan.) Logan is rough and tough, so hey, let’s stick to the status quo, right? Kitty is the only one who is at all interesting as a character and she doesn’t even get that much spotlight.

Is it Good?

Not really. A pretty mediocre start to a story I’m not sure I want to pursue.


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