What happens when two comic book publishers join forces to make a pulp-tastic adventure story? Rocketeer/Spirit happens! So far this series has been doing well by my standards, other than the ungodly shipping schedule. With a new artist on board, can this series maintain its oldschool charm? Is it good?

Rocketeer/Spirit: Pulp Friction #3 (IDW Publishing/DC Comics)

Said new artist is J Bone, and he brings an extremely cartoony, fun-loving style to the table. This particular style of art compliments the story perfectly and keeps the the focus on the action. I really have no complaints art-wise; every page is filled with sharp pencils, lively colors and smart inks. The visuals are silly when they want to be and serious when the book is intense, the comic flows smoothly and keeps the reader engaged.

What Mr. Mark Waid is doing deserves a tremendous amount of recognition. He is bringing excitement and enjoyment to readers through a book based off of an era longsince passed. This comic really is pleasurable in its small details; all of the little pulpy quips and jokes give it charming and cute quality.

Story wise, the comic could stand a touch of improvement. The first two issues did a good job building the tale up to where it is now, so I give kudos to the creative team for that, but it just doesn’t seem to be a terribly fresh story. The bad guy dupes the hero’s girlfriend into helping him with his diabolical schemes. This is a fun ride, but not one we haven’t already been on a couple dozen times. The story is well told, absolutely, just not terribly original.

This issue is more action packed than the first two, that’s for sure, but can that be a good thing in an almost silly comic? It could be a good thing, but in this case it isn’t. I feel like the action was kind of just squeezed into the issue because there needed to be some excitement, not because a fight scene would tell any kind of meaningful story.

I really enjoy the characters. Everyone is a vibrant, joyful, defined personality and every person is a moving part that contributes to the overall narrative somehow. I like the involvement of Cliff and Spirit in the tale without it being only about them. It does seem more realistic that two crime fighters would be lost in the same mess rather than saying: “Hey! Let’s team up!”


  • New artist is a great addition to this book
  • All of the characters are fun and exciting
  • Action seemed kind of forced-in towards the end

This series truly has a chance to wrap-up well. If Mark Waid can combine all of the threads well and finally reveal who Herr Octopus is, I believe the ending will be a good one and the series will be memorable.

Is It Good?

This chapter’s pages were well spent but could improve on some aspects. Overall a fun read.

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