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Is It Good? The Other Dead #3 Review

I’ve have been totally loving the absolute craziness and non-stop action in this series. This week marks the release of the third issue of the most insane zombie comic out there. Is it good?

The Other Dead #3 (IDW Publishing)

Author Joshua Ortega did wonders with last issue. In the mere 32-pages he was allotted he managed to give us a better understanding of the characters, move both story threads along and deliver some wild zombie killing. This issue is differently formatted but still manages to get a lot done story wise. We see our motley crew of survivors recovering from the attack of the zombie-gators; their numbers are fewer and their spirits dampened. In this very human and real sequence of events we really get to know the characters better and learn what kind of people they are when faced with tragedy.

Aside from seeing the fallout from the recent animal attacks on the kids side, we get a look into Obama’s story thread. After a few scenes from each sides the threads finally combine in an epic encounter between our protagonists and the President. Aside from a little bit of forced reference to reality (a mention to Michelle and “the kids”) this meeting is fun and a neat little touch.

There are two aspects to this overall story that weren’t so pronounced in the first issue but are finally coming to the forefront. First of all, a hurricane is coming to New Orleans and that spells misfortune for our pals. Obama has given up hope of going back home before the storm passes over so he is hereby stuck in New Orleans. The storm is a nice metaphor for more impending doom than only the animals provide alone and adds a pleasant dose of chaos to the narrative.

The second aspect brought up in this issue were these two guys in the woods (pictured in the cover). For right now they seem only how they appear at face value but I am guessing that they will somehow come to be more central to the plot as the series goes on.

This issue does not disappoint in terms of gritty zombie killing. Az and the crew face a new kind of threat, this one considerably furrier and smaller than zombie ducks: zombie squirrels! Just as the ducks did last issue, zombie squirrels pose an interesting and unique threat that adds a level of dynamics to the action.

This issue does not disappoint in terms of gritty zombie killing

Zombie animals are a novel concept and a neat addition to the zombie genre as a whole. Other than posing an interesting and different kind of threat, this concept is much more threatening and thus more scary than human zombies. Animals are all around us and they can generally find a way past any kind of manmade blockade. In the Walking Dead humans gain relative safety behind prison walls. This is a good defense in their case but wouldn’t be in this story. What happens when you have zombies that can fly over your walls and crawl into your fortification?

Why I really think this book is a winner is its intense pacing. This story moves fast and delivers a lot of excitement that way. No one takes time to uselessly monologue, there is no waiting around; this story is just actions and reactions keeping the story flowing and your heart racing.

Everyone really loves Qing Ping Mui’s art, and for good reason. Not only are all of the lines crisp and sharp, the shading and inks deliver a bleak, obsolete landscape, adding to the anxiety of the issue.


  • Zombie killing galore
  • President thread turns out to be worthwhile
  • Art is pitch perfect
  • Not as much happens story-wise as last issue

What I’m looking forward to for next issue is some more action from the two guys in the woods, which will undoubtedly include many brutal and awesome zombie killings. I’m also excited to see how the Obama thread works out. Although risky, it might be to this comic’s advantage if something crazy and unrealistic happened to the President.

Is It Good?

Not just good, great. Definitely pick this book up for its cutthroat suspense and exciting action.


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