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Is It Good? Brain Boy #3 Review

Here it is, the finale to Brain Boy, the end to the revolutionary visuals one can bestow on a man with telekinetic powers, the end of…

What was that?

There’s a zero issue coming? Well…that puts a wrench into my intro. ::Sigh::

Is it good?

Brain Boy #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

If you’re interested, there is a nice review of #2 here.

Last issue, our mind-powered hero was left being chased by citizens being mind controlled by a South American dictator who just so happened to have powers possibly greater than Brain Boy. I know what you’re thinking: Wow, how did we get here? The simple answer is…well, read the previous issues!. The more complicated answer is: We’ve learned Brain Boy is working for a science agency that holds the whereabouts of his parents’ ransom. He was put in charge of protecting a man who isn’t near his protection area and he might just die any minute. How’s that?

What we have here is a slightly convoluted issue that’ll be tough for anyone new to the story to feel like they can enjoy themselves completely. There’s some dialogue between daughter and dad that might read as filler to some, and some callbacks to previous issues. That said, it’s a rather well paced issue that should delight those who seek some pithy comments with their superhero action. It helps that the dialogue always reads fresh and taut, which helps keep the breakneck action interesting. Props to writer Fred Van Lente for also delivering an actual surprise twist in a world where surprise twists are hard to come by.

Run, Brain Boy, Run!

Once again, I’m enjoying artist R. B. Silva’s work. The guy knows how to captivate with a look in a character’s eyes, right on down to the far-out psychedilic techniques to show off the telekinetic powers. I get a strong Ryan Ottley vibe from his work, only a little more compact. This is due to the pacing of the issue, and how much Lente is cramming into the book, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Someone is pissed AND rocked out in eyeliner.

The stuffing of content is a bit much, however. I wish this book was an ongoing, because clearly Van Lente has a rather robust world to explore here. At one point I actually started to wonder if this whole series was a pitch for an ongoing, because there are tidbits dropped here and there that I want to know more about. The fact that they aren’t explored reads like a tease, and god dammit I don’t like being teased!

Epic shot. Nice job Silva.


  • Somebody get Silva many jobs. I want more of him.
  • Satisfying conclusion and twist to the ending
  • Feels crammed together

Is It Good?

It is, but just barely, especially for those who haven’t been reading. Unfortunately the story is a bit crammed with facts and tidbits that’ll make you want more, and at the same time the whole thing feels decompressed. Crazy, I know. Overall though, this was a fun series that had a good ending that promises big things for anyone who wants to use their imagination to carry the story further.


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