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Is It Good? Buzzkill #3 Review

Why aren’t you reading this series yet? This book is a classic example of when a talented creative team gets to put their dreams into comic format, and it goes well. After two issues of gritty action we reach the climax of the series; is it good?

Buzzkill #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

We like this series so much we’ve reviewed them all plus interviewed the writer, Donny Cates!

This issue is a crazy, intense ride filled with bloodshed and secrets. We learn a whole lot more about Rueben’s past (one of the things we learn is that his name isn’t actually Reuben, but rather Francis) as he confronts old teammates, girlfriends and family members. Reuben is a fantastic character, mostly because of his unpredictability. I mean, this guy is so unstable and mysterious, if we found out next issue that he had transformed everyone into park benches a while ago I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

The writing, as always, is great. Every character has a rich profile and acts and reacts naturally and surprisingly to different situations. Dr. Blaqk is possibly the zaniest, best written new character of the year. I could honestly watch him and Francis going at it for hours; they are such an entertaining duo.

On top of great Francis/Dr. Blaqk interactions, author Donny Cates adds a whole new layer of drama and tension to the story. I won’t spoil it, but we get a lot of action from Francis’ friend Eric, a character I felt was underdeveloped last issue. All of the story is accompanied by terrific, well-flowing dialogue and fast, tense pacing leading up to a breathtaking reveal at the end.

And oh man, can Geoff Shaw draw! I absolutely can’t get enough of the tight, sharp style that this incredibly talented wizard of the pencil brings to this comic. His terrific line work is so dynamic and crisp, I could spend hours looking at a single panel. All of the action is well-executed and bloody, leaving your mouth agape and your eyes wanting more.

This issue might be the highest point of this series; not that either of the first two issues were in any way bad, this just went above and beyond all expectations for a penultimate chapter. I think that the reveal at the end of the comic will just do wonders in setting the stage for a kick-ass closing issue.


  • So many captivating plot twists and reveals
  • Art is just incredible
  • Action sequences are gritty and well constructed
  • I have to wait a whole damn month for issue #4!

Is it Good?

There is very little that is left to be desired from this issue. The team made good use of the pages and created a memorable issue.



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