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Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #13 Review

Are you playing through Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag now or finished it recently? Well time to toss that crap to the side and get some real pirate action, with colorful magic and possibly flying horses! This month, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is starting a new arc and switching up the writing and art team for this adventurous tale! Is it good?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #13 (IDW Publishing)

The Mane Six vacation in Horseshoe Bay to get some deserving relaxation, plus also to help Fluttershy release a fish she had been taking care of back into its natural habitat. While there, they run into the eccentric and handsome (in Rarity’s point of view) Hoofbeard, who is looking for a crew to help him retrieve his treasure map to some legendary treasure. All of them agree to it, some with reservations, and join him on his voyage.

This is totally legit. people. Do not question a single thing about this.

This was an enjoyable start to this arc with getting everything setup and also pushing the story quickly along to the point where there is an equal amount of setup and story progression. I do like the setting of being out on the high seas and with pirates (the tropes and clichés are so overplayed to the point that they are quite amusing) and do like that the comic is adding more action to the story, like in the first two arcs. Good contrast for the fans who wanted to return to that after four issues of just pure comedy.

Speaking of which, the issue toned down the comedy a bit in comparison to those last issues. Nothing wrong with that at all, just that people will notice a difference in tone here. It still has a its funny moments to be sure, like Fluttershy’s amusing attempt at trying to speak like a pirate, so fans will still have that. I just honestly wasn’t laughing or smiling as much with this issue as previously.

However, there are a few things that seem off in the logic department that does not make the characters seem very smart. First is with Twilight, where she does not use her magic at all during a fight scene that she gets roped into until after the fight is over. It’s also not like she’s not good at magic or still practicing, especially considering this is happening after she went all princess. Second and most important, no one asked at all for the captain’s name and only found out about who the guy was until after someone else told them. They went sailing with a pirate and didn’t even bother to ask the guy’s name? Seriously?

Oh I get it, you were all just distracted by that dazzling mane braid, weren’t you?

The artwork this time around is by Brenda Hickey and you can also see the difference in the art here with the fact that it does not nearly have as many background jokes happening, nor does it have as wildly expressive faces. That doesn’t mean the art is bad at all; quite the contrary. It is still good and matches the style of the show well enough. It does well with assisting with the humor and has some very nice looking action bits, in particular the barroom brawl. Occasionally, there may be someone off model (check the picture above and take note of the fact that Twilight is missing her wings), but it’s generally good stuff.


  • The story is promising and goes back to the action like in previous arcs.
  • The artwork certainly look good.
  • Characters act a bit stupid this time around.
  • The humor, while good, is lighter in dosage than previous arcs.

Is It Good?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #13 is a good and enjoyable start to this new arc. It has a few hiccups and lacks in the laughs department compared to the previous two mini-arcs, but it shows promise for a fun pirating adventure with the cast. Not much else to say; fans of MLP should definitely give it a look.


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