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Is It Good? X-O Manowar #19 Review

Much like any vice, comic books can be the psychological ends to the means of the exposure effect. That is, the more someone is exposed to a stimulus the more they like it no matter if it’s good or bad. I’m one to believe that’s not true, particularly when you take into count how terrible some comics are. Then again, I still buy those terrible comics, so who am I to judge?

On the other hand, there are those who believe the more of something you have, the less of it you want. Of course, that doesn’t account for addiction, which brings us back to comics. My theory is similar, but nuanced: the more good comics you read, the more comics you’ll want. That goes for the writing and art, and based on the art in this book, I’m pretty sure I’m going to want a hell of a lot more comics. That said, is it good?

X-O Manowar #19 (Valiant Entertainment)

This is a tie in to Valiant’s big event book. Read our review of Unity #1 here!

I did not read the last issue, but I did read Unity #1 which was the last chapter of this story. X-O has taken over a country on today’s Earth, the home of his people who were taken off planet thousands of years ago. He’s fighting for his people, who are without a nation. Of course, the world isn’t so happy about this and have decided to take it back by force. Unfortunately for them X-O has one powerful suit to keep them at bay.

I like those colors.

This issue opens with X-O screaming in the face of Ninjak who was captured over in Unity #1. As we all know, Ninjak isn’t going to be captured for long—I mean the dude is a ninja after all—but their convo is an interesting one. X-O feels justified to take over Romania, but Ninjak begs to differ, calling him the new alien invaders. In a sense he’s right, as X-O’s people aren’t really from our world anymore, but from the distant past that is so different they might as well not be human. Writer Robert Venditti does a bangup job with the pacing of this issue. You’ll never feel bored or out of place. Of course, the meat of the issue is a fight mano a mano between X-O and one of his minions, but it suits the story and elevates the gravity of the situation.

Ropey neck much?

The art on the other hand, really blew me away. Cary Nord does an impeccable job with eyes, faces and the human form. Every stance is felt and filled with drama. The coloring is impeccable and almost dreamlike, which gives the pages a sense of wonder. Two dudes fighting on the battlefield can be so boring and drab, but here it’s colorful and inventive. Good showing all around.

Nobody puts baby in the corner!


  • Amazing art
  • Interesting aspects that tie into Israel and the philosophy of right and wrong
  • The story doesn’t progress much

Is It Good?

I’m really loving this new event, particularly how it ties into the human condition. We can’t always be right or do the right thing, and when it’s obvious better choices could be made there’s a character dynamic that is fascinating to watch. On top of that the pace of this issue, along with the art, should keep everyone interested.


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