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Is It Good? X-Men #7 Review

I haven’t really been wowed by Brian Wood’s run yet, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have hope. A consistent and enjoyable tie-in during Battle of the Atom changes up its roster and begins a new six part storyline, Muertas. Will Brian Wood’s all female cast finally start to live up to the hype? Is it good?

X-Men #7 (Marvel Comics)

The all-female X-Men squad is recovering from Battle of the Atom by switching up the team roster and “training.” This issue introduces us to a new villain who will be the focus of the next five issues.

Kitty Pryde is gone, which is a disappointment. She is one of my favorite X-Men and will remain so no matter what team she’s on. Although it may seem odd, I think this team is better without her. Kitty Pryde always seemed kind of arrogant and haughty in this particular title and she gets done much more justice in All-New X-Men. Furthermore, I think bringing in Monet and Karima was definitely a smart move. The two have chemistry together and get along with the whole team.

What was most interesting about this issue was its division of spotlight

What was interesting and for the most part great about this issue was its division of spotlight. Some of the issue focuses on the team regrouping and learning more about each other (which is crucial, I bought this book to read about them) but also gives ample time to explore the new villain, Lady Deathstrike. While I did appreciate the concept of giving Lady Deathstrike some time dealing blows to our heroes, it wasn’t very well executed and felt kind of forced.

One of the things that made this issue so unusual was how all of the inner monologue was Lady Deathstrike’s, not anyone from the team. One might think this would upset the balance and make the issue too much about the villain, but really it gave us the insight we needed to understand her as a character. The only thing I’ll say about it is that I hope they don’t use this same technique next issue; that would be, as they say, overdoing it.

Although I haven’t had much experience with Terry Dodson’s work, I’ve admired it from afar, always enjoying the almost shiny looking coloring. I am pleased with the interiors this issue, they do well in telling the story and look much more joyful and cheery than other art, which matches this book’s style. The lines are a tad cartoonish and the backgrounds are very simple, really standard X-Men fare.


  • New team is a great team
  • Lady Deathstrike is introduced and characterized quite well
  • The Dodsons make some fine art
  • Action scene feels forced

Brian Wood has not impressed me thus far into X-Men, but this issue I feel like he’s really getting a good feel for his characters and where they are. All of the dialogue feels fitting to the characters, who have very different personalities and tones, and makes me hopeful for what he can do in the future.

Is It Good?

Yes. I can say with all honesty that I had a lot of fun reading X-Men this week, something I have not been able to say for a while.



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