The DC Comics animated universe has been fantastic thus far and it still has room for improvement. With constant reboots of Batman animated shows, DC has stepped outside the box in the last decade by pumping out shows like Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series , Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. These shows were good in many ways: Some showcased the utter weirdness that is the DC Comics universe and others were experimental takes on the universe that went in new strange and wonderful directions. If only Warner Bros and DC could pull it together and translate that awesomeness onto the silver screen, they may have something. Here nine characters/teams that should be on TV.

The Question

After watching the Justice League Unlimited animated series, my appreciation and love for the Question grew. I always knew who he was and I even pushed him aside as Batman knock-off but honestly he may be better than Batman in some ways because he lacks finances and gadgets. An animated series could work well. The Question series would be set in the same world as the Justice League Unlimited universe. There’s an untapped source of conspiracies he can investigate in the DC universe. His relationship with Huntress can also be further developed and expanded in a show.

Birds of Prey

There is an odd lack of female characters in the DC animated universe. Sure, there are standouts, but none of them have had their own show or even led a team. The Birds of Prey can be a chance to give someone like Black Canary or Batgirl a team. To shake it up a little you can add a villainess like Poison Ivy or Catwoman to the mix. This can also be a continuation of the Justice League Unlimited universe. The series could work like this: Huntress and Black Canary are forced to work together when Green Arrow and The Question go missing. So they assemble a team to help them find the two and uncover who would want them in the first place.

Aquaman: The King of Atlantis

After Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Geoff Johns’ amazing take on Aquaman, this character has become a total badass in my opinion. He is not a joke anymore, people. There is a lot of good in his mythos and TV would be an awesome venue to showcase the Outrageous world of Atlantis. Villains like Black Manta and Oceanmaster can really take it to the king of the seven seas.

Justice League International

Batman: The Brave and the Bold showcased a lot of awesome characters, but the show really captured the JLI in its true comedic form and displayed the insanity of the team’s members. Everything about the episodes featuring Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Aquaman, Booster Gold, Skits, Fire & Ice and Martian Man hunter were comedy gold. The action was also top notch. Even though their personalities clashed, they vanquished some major bad guys like Darkseid. Translating that to a full show should be a cake walk.

Doom Patrol

I know it does not seem like it but the Doom Patrol are everywhere. Ever since they had their first animated appearance on Teen Titans in the early 2000s, they made an appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and they have also had multiple shorts on DC Nation. So transitioning to an half-hour show won’t be so hard. The 1950s sci-fi style featuring the likes of Robot Man, Elasti-girl, and Negative Man would be awesome to see.

Wonder Woman

It is really sad that Wonder Woman has not had the same TV and movie appearances as the other members of the DC Trinity, but at least she has been in the animated universe. In shows like Batman: The Brave and the Bold and JL and JLU, audiences got a chance to see some of her villains and her mythos come to life. Wonder Woman can have a successful show; it is up to DC and Warner Bros to make something for her.

Zatanna and the Justice League Dark

The best thing about the DC New 52 is the creation of Justice League Dark. This team of rag-tag misfits have strange adventures revolving around magic and mystery. Zatanna and Constantine were once entwined in a relationship before the team gets together and the after effects carry over. This show can focus on Zatanna’s stage career and her dealings in the magical realms of the DCU. Characters like Dr. Fate, Zatara, and Phantom Stranger can be on display as well as John Constantine.

Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes

The whole second season of Young Justice was about Blue Beetle and his mythos. I am not familiar with the previous incarnations of the character but I love Jaime. In Batman: The Brave and the Bold he has a natural wit about him and he served as an unofficial protégé to Bats. In Young Justice, his personality is a little more serious but the mythos is still there. The Reach are still the big badies and there is room for more of the mythos including the first and second Blue Beetles.

Black Lightning

There are a lack of African American characters on TV and that rings true for animated shows as well. DC Nation aired multiple Black Lightning shorts that featured his superpowered children as they all deal with being normal and having powers. This family-drama could work well by mixing the two elements, like shows such as Lab Rats. The character design is also pretty cool in the short.

There are tons of charcters that should be on TV but can they all really work? You be the judge.

  • shawn

    I agree that Aquaman needs his own show. It’s about time people stop thinking about him as only a joke.

    • BobSagetsUncle

      If only that deal with Vincent Chase had gone down in Entourage, dammit!

    • wat

      I’d prefer them do an Aquaman movie. Someone suggested he be played by Brad Pitt. I disagreed with the choice at first but after some consideration, it’s actually pretty perfect. If they can get a great team of writers and a great director (Ridley Scott comes to mind for some reason) and someone with the visual genius of Zack Snyder, I can see an Aquaman movie starring Brad Pitt turning out amazing. Just imagine a beautiful Atlantean kingdom surrounded by beautiful undersea life (picture Finding Nemo) with a bearded Brad Pitt as king. It could actually end all the Aquaman jokes and earn DC enough money to help fund the (hopefully) inevitable Justice League movie.

  • David Young

    I’ll put in my votes for the “Birds of Prey” and “Wonder Woman.” We definitely need more staring roles for female superheros. And it’s not because I enjoy watching sexy cartoon babes. That would be, like…disturbed, right? Right?

    • BobSagetsUncle

      I agree wholeheartedly. There could even be a “Brony” effect, only we’re watching Black Canary and Huntress instead of Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. BOOM. Free publicity.

      • David Young

        THERE ya go! : – )

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  • Fabyen Robinson

    I’d like to see Grifter!!

    • DonJuanDeFarko

      As much as I wanted to dislike Grifter, he was entertaining in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Loved his synergy with Batman.

      • Fabyen Robinson

        That’s what made me want to see more of him. And since film makers are so set on making super hero films more present, he wouldn’t be hard to put in today’s universe.