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Is It Good? Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #2 Review

Time to return back to another Forever Evil miniseries, A.R.G.U.S.! It was so-so last time, but that was mostly because not really anything happened until the last few pages. We can still get past that though as we move onto the second issue that puts us right in the middle of the action. Is it good?

Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #2 (DC Comics)

Steve Trevor is in a bit of a jam as he tries to rescue Obama (they only say president, but we all know it is clearly Obama) from Deathstroke’s Hunting Party, who has the clear upper hand. Somewhere else, we see the villain known as Killer Frost. She is completely lost and without hope because the only thing that possibly kept her alive (she runs on heat, which is weird since she is made of ice) is Firestorm’s nuclear powers.

Oh jeez girl, that was just cold!

Like with the first issue, this felt a lot like setup. Sure, there was action going on and plot progression, but it still felt like the story was taking its time to set things up. For instance, introducing Killer Frost to the story and learning a bit about her, while also bringing new AR.G.U.S. rooms and their mysteries this time. Lots of setup going on that kind of slows the pacing down and gives the impression that the story hasn’t taken off. Otherwise, the writing is perfectly fine all around and it certainly has some great moments, like seeing Steve get the upper hand on the villains and rescuing the president.

We do still have some artwork problems here, unfortunately. The plus side to this is that we only have on artist working on the issue, Neil Edwards, who may have kind of average style to his work but ultimately gets the job done and has a few neat moments. The negative side is that we have two different inkers who have completely different styles when it comes to their inking. One is much heavier with the inking and uses it for a lot of detailing, while the other uses much less and has the colorist use brighter colors on his work. It can be jarring between pages, prompting me at one point to check to see how many artists were working on the book.

Kool-Aid Man’s Voice: Oh yeah!


  • The writing is decent and has some good moments.
  • Steve Trevor and Killer Frost are characterized well and interesting.
  • Rather unremarkable.
  • Artwork has problems with its multiple inkers.

Is It Good?

Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #2 does not have a lot to talk about in general with it being rather average in its writing and with it still being in setup territory. Outside of that and the art issues, it’s not a terrible book by any means, but there are better miniseries you could read that spawned out of Forever Evil. If the book continues to be like this, you may be better off waiting for the trade edition in the future than buying this.


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