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Is It Good? Justice League Dark #25 Review

Not much happened the last issue, making the start of the Blight crossover rather uneventful. This time though, it looks like we are getting straight into the action and starting to pick things up. Will this event take off now? Is it good?

Justice League Dark #25 (DC Comics)

With the Justice Leagues missing and with the Crime Syndicate having brought of wave of evil behind them when they came to this Earth, John Constantine, Nightmare Nurse, and Swamp Thing must figure out a way to stop all of this. However, tracking down the missing heroes may prove far more difficult than it seems. A blight has infected the magical plane and all their troubles may be for naught.

Also, their alliance gets off to a rather rocky start.

This was a definite improvement over the last issue. In this book we are introduced all of our main cast members, the villain (or villains, implied by a certain scene in the book) makes its appearance, the main goal is established for the crossover, and we see the exact scale and threat of the situation our heroes are in. All of this happens in this issue and none of it actually slows the story down. The pacing is quite good as it presents the events to us, providing these moments enough time to grow and make the audience interested in what is happening. The dialogue and narration is solid enough as well, adding more levels to the story as the characters converse with one another and add depth to the threat they are up against with how they describe it.

What’s most impressive with the book though is the character work. The characters are all fully realized with interesting personalities and motivations. Nightmare Nurse was the particular standout this time with each of her scenes as we learn a lot about her from her dialogue and actions, painting a rather caring and likeable individual with questionable actions and being hinted as a person with a shady past. The only character underutilized this time was Swamp Thing, who made a big entrance in the beginning but then was relegated to the background and rarely said much (which is weird since there are only four characters in this entire issue, so why be shoved into the back?).

Bigger ass than he was before? Is that possible?

Then there is the artwork and it is truly something else entirely. Mike Janin has been drawing this book since the very beginning, but to see how far his work has come is truly mind boggling. This is easily the best looking issue he has drawn yet with how he depicts magic, the supernatural aspects, and the action in the comic. The way it looks unworldly and the mist and energy effects on it are truly amazing. Combined with great looking colors and some creative use of panel borders in some parts, this is truly one of the best looking books you’ll read this week from almost any publisher.

I mean, look at that color! How it is that not beautiful looking?!


  • The writing in general was well done.
  • Characters have depth and humanity to them.
  • The artwork looks better than ever.
  • Swamp Thing was very underutilized.
  • Feels a little rushed at times.
  • Still a large investment in time and money for this crossover.

Is It Good?

Justice League Dark #25 was a marked improvement in the writing, pushing the story forward and adding depth to the events that have happened. The characters were great7mdash;along with their dialogue—and the artwork is a joy to be seen. If the rest of Blight is like this issue, this will be a hell of a ride that you may want to hop onto now.


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