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Is It Good? Pathfinder: Goblins! #5 Review

Pathfinder: Goblins! is a fun series, mostly because you get two done-in-one stories per issue that capture the humor of the silly little monsters. It’s also fun because you don’t know what you’re going to get beyond goblins telling each other stories. The final issue is here, but is it good?

Pathfinder: Goblins! #5 (Dynamite Entertainment)

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The first story, called Ballad of Ak, follows a down on his luck goblin who is just horrible at every job imaginable. So bad, in fact, that he ends up having nothing to do and gets picked on for it. The moral of this story is a simple one: just because you’re bad at many things doesn’t mean you aren’t good at something that was never offered in the first place. Written by Paul Allor, there’s a nice balance between humor and plot with plenty of touching moments for our protagonist. The conclusion is actually quite empowering and was one of my favorite of the entire series.


The art by Adam Moore is exceptional too, with a cartoony yet realistic sort of feel. These goblins are practically cartoons themselves, but they look lived in and war torn. Considering how simple a goblin’s face is, Moore also nails expressions throughout the story. You never feel lost or confused as to how characters feel.

That’s pretty funny.

The second story, written by Eric Trautmann and Larry White, is good, but I couldn’t help be distracted by the art. The art, by Kevin Stokes, is just that good. It’s got a Labyrinth style, where the characters look evil, but not so evil they will scare little kids…too much. The heavy inks cast a darker feel for this story, and there’s some interesting use of bones as borders that make the layouts interesting, too.

Awwww, jerks.


  • Exceptional first story that is empowering
  • Incredible art throughout this issue
  • Second story is a bit of a meh

Is It Good?

Not a bad last issue, with an exceptional first story and a so-so second. The art throughout this book is a joy to look at and while the second story wasn’t my favorite, it still gets the job done. Goblins are moronic little creatures, but if this series has taught me anything, it’s that they deserve to tell their stories, however despicable or unbelievable they may be.


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