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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #22 Review

Ah double shipping, the beauty of getting twice as much story yet paying double every month. When that double dose is Superior Spider-Man however, the extra cash just might be worth it. Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #22 (Marvel Comics)

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This issue opens with Venom dropping in on Betty Brant who has uncovered some criminal activity. It then quickly cuts to Peter Parker’s first day working at Parker Industries. He gives a semi-evil speech to his new employees and it’s as you’d suspect from Doc Ock. Pompous, evil sounding and aggressive. This portion is the major carry over from last issue, where we saw Parker graduate and avoid expulsion.

Never will there be cake!

Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage, this is very much a check in issue with the added Venom thread. We check in with Carlie, Aunt May, and also Pete’s love interest. Each story progresses a tad, but not enough to warrant a must purchase. The Venom portion is just OK too, as it only consists of a set up and a short fight sequence. Gone are the days of elaborate fight scenes, partly because SpOck has tech that wins battles instantly, which makes most fights rather boring. It doesn’t help that Ramos lays out this battle over 4 pages and with very few panels to give them room to breathe.

Are they about to…

Ramos continues to do an incredibly bendy and exciting Spider-Man, but again, his layouts seem mundane. That makes it splashy, but less interesting and progressive. At times you want more than one panel to pump up the movement of the fight scenes and the fluidity of the characters, but sadly don’t get much of that here.

Some sick blur from Ramos this issue.


  • Great scene at Parker Industries
  • Ramos has some killer panels in here
  • Kinda boring

Is It Good?

Not a total loss by any means, but there wasn’t much to chew on beyond Peter’s new corporation opening. The rest was either checking in or below par. It is however, incredibly impressive how detailed and complicated this story has been plotted. There’s been an end game from issue #1 and once again I can’t wait for it.


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