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Is It Good? The Goon #44 Review

Let’s look at if… holy s--t, it’s all in Spanish?! this is gonna be difficult.

Ehem, let’s see if The Goon #44 and the return of El Hombre Lagarto is good.

The Goon #44 (Dark Horse Comics)

Allright, first and foremost, save for about two pages, this entire comic is in Spanish with no subtitles. I know very little Spanish. However, this comic was hilarious as a result. I bet if I bothered to look up the Spanish in the comic, it’d be even funnier. The plot revolves around The Goon and Frankie trying to smuggle booze hidden in clocks into Mexico, but of course, El Hombre Lagarto is stowed away, and escapes into Mexico. And then, from what I gathered via pictures, the lizard man got randy and attempted to mate with a large-breasted Latina woman.

Dude, I don’t even know what to say about this issue. I couldn’t understand most of the dialogue, but it still made me laugh, especially at the random English words thrown into the Spanish. I think Powell did that?

The art kicks a bucket full of ass, as per usual. This is f-----g Eric Powell we’re talking about, after all. The lizard looks great, the Latin lady looks great, and Tom Waits and Lil Jon were excellent likenesses (more on that later). This issue has beautiful painted backdrops, and uses color to emphasize mood quite well. Also, it has a lady whose huge boobs look fairly realistic; not ginormous, but large in a somewhat natural way.


  • Powell art is boss as always.
  • Hysterical, even if you don’t know what’s being said.
  • If you don’t speak Spanish, you have no idea what the majority of the dialogue is.

Is it Good?

I admire the s--t out of anyone with the stones big enough to release a whole issue almost entirely in Spanish, knowing it will both confuse and piss off a whole lot of readers. It’s f-----g hilarious! That said… I really have no idea what any of that dialogue was about, other than a vague idea that the giant lizard man likes boobs. Pick it up for a laugh, and for an amazing duet with Tom Waits and Lil Jon (yup, really in there), but don’t expect to get most of it unless ye speak español.


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