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Is It Good? Rat Queens #3 Review

Although I have yet to review an issue of this series I have been following it intently, enjoying it quietly. It is a wonderful (and unfortunately rare) concept in comics for a team to consist of only women and still be done justice. Rat Queens has been action packed, raunchy, and a whole lot of fun. Does the trend of quality continue here? Is it good?

Rat Queens #3 (Image Comics)


The Rat Queens are in the dungeon after targeting the mayor; they think that he was responsible for the killing of all the local mercs. All of the Rat Queens are re-getting used to life among people, some are confronting people from their past, and all of them are investigating the mysterious serial killings.

Although this issue lacked the sense adventure that the previous installments were rich with, the comic still entertained. This story was a lot about the Queens themselves and how they are going to maintain their reputation. There is a good deal of poking around and detective work, but mostly Rat Queens #3 is a lot of quipping and high emotions.


I love how Kurtis J. Wiebe writes the Queens: they’re fun personalities and it definitely takes talent to get all of them right. I also like how he manages characters and how large a role each plays in the comic. Hannah and Betty are in the forefront; they deserve to be, they’re the most interesting of the four. But that doesn’t mean that Dee Dee and Violet don’t have their moments; I actually really enjoyed Violet’s role in this book — she had a nice little encounter with her brother that gave us a little bit of information about her past.

I’ve enjoyed this series’ art from the very beginning. The blurred out backgrounds and detailed forefronts give every panel a nice stage and portrays action well. Lettering is great especially with all of the dialogue. The colors are brilliant and work well to create the world the Queens live in.



  • Characters are extremely funny and well written
  • Love me some Roc Upchorch art!
  • Some very human moments and emotions
  • Reveal at the end is very obvious

My only gripe, and it is a small one, was that the conclusion to the story didn’t seem at all surprising or original. It was pretty obvious that the mayor was not the culprit so that made the build-up a little less meaningful.

Is it Good?

Definitely. Rat Queens is a fun, funny, original series and #3 is no exception. This comic is well worth the money visually and in terms of story. Definitely check it out, it’s worth a try!


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