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Is It Good? Hinterkind #3 Review

Hinterkind took a step up last issue and was starting to a show a lot of promise. Now that we are on the third issue, perhaps the comic will continue to improve and even start getting exciting. Will it though? Is it good?

Hinterkind #3 (Vertigo Comics)


Prosper and Angus have been captured by the Sidhe (think elves like Legolas). Jon and his hunting party of monsters, planning on selling the humans once they reach the first trading post. Meanwhile, another group of monsters led by a woman with black butterfly wings is bored of waiting for the next group of human to show up, wanting to take action and search for the rescue party that was supposed to come to their location after they took out a human base.

Also, she can’t stand these sappy soap operas anymore.

Like with the last issue, this is another step up in quality. The dialogue has improved once more and the general humor and banter evinced is enjoyable (the opening scene is just hilarious). The world building continues to burgeon, especially with the discovery of an abnormal and murderous group of humans existing out in the wilderness that raises many questions and intrigue. The pacing and story flow is good as well, even if the story still only progresses a little at a time.

The best part of Hinterkind #3 is that the story has become even more engaging. We get backstory for Jon and his group of monsters, fleshing out more of the world and their own view how things changed. It’s rather interesting and adds a bit of sympathy for them, even if it is not much. The final half of the book becomes tense as well when the “ghosts” arrive and capture everyone. Story elements like this can really elevate a story, so having them here is exactly what this comic needs. My one gripe is that we could definitely use some more characterization and development for our main characters, since they are not very memorable overall.

Don’t look so glum. You win it all back next week if you are lucky.

Art-wise, Hinterkind continues to improve as the story becomes more and more interesting. The designs for the monsters and these new humans are all pretty solid and even creepy at points. The world is nicely detailed overall, though backgrounds can a bit empty and boring. Otherwise, there is nothing else of note to comment on it: the art looks good enough.


  • Writing gets better and better with each issue.
  • Tension, characterization, and world building help keep the audience invested.
  • Interesting creature designs.
  • The story is still moving ever so slowly forward.
  • Main characters are still not very memorable.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind continues to improve little by little with each issue. The writing has improved immensely over time and the comic is starting to become engrossing. If you were not sure of this comic before, now is the time to definitely try it.


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