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Is It Good? Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom #2 Review

Despite never reading any stories featuring Painkiller Jane, I did enjoy the first issue a bit. So with the second issue out, I decided I wanted to continue with this and see if it continues to impress. Does it? Is it good?

Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom #2 (Icon)

Jane and Princess Sabina are hiding out on an island after escaping the goons hired to either kidnap or kill Sabina. It seems safe and out of the way, but trouble is not too far behind them. Three hired mercenaries have followed their trail and plan on search the entire island for them.

The client is an idiot, since Captain Jack here can’t find s--t.

Like with the first issue, Painkiller Jane #2 is an enjoyable comic. Story wise, we did not really progress the mystery of who is out to kill Sabina, nor do we know how exactly these goons knew she would be on that island. Instead, it’s more about the characters and building a friendship between the hero and the girl she is protecting, while learning more about them. This is actually a good thing, since it helps humanize Jane and makes Sabina a more likeable character. After all, Jane here is a pretty loose cannon and can really snap if pushed too far, while the princess was a big, shallow jerk in the last issue. Everyone else, like the villains, are not particularly memorable or noteworthy (though I do question Jane’s detective friend and if she truly understands the law).

The artwork is by Juan Santacruz and like before, he does a good job here. His characters are well drawn and unique looking from one another, he does well with drawing locations and backgrounds, and layouts are alright. A particular highlight is in his action, drawing a rather impressive, physical brawl between Jane and one of the thugs. It’s got a great sense of motion and movement, without feeling disjointed or hard to follow. Outside of his occasional off looking muscles, his artwork is good looking.


  • Jane & Sabina are characterized well.
  • The action is decent.
  • Artwork is solid.
  • Not much in terms of story progression.
  • Jane’s brutality may turn off some people.
  • Most of the characters are not particularly memorable.

Is It Good?

Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom #2 was a good comic, focusing more on the characters this time around and adding more depth to them. It may not be the best comic you’ll read this week, but if you are looking for a fun time with a comic, this might fit your bill.


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