I actually don’t think I’ve ever come across a Terminator comic. It does seem like a good idea to put the franchise into comic format, though. High action and timeline management are usually pretty well handled in funny books, so there is definitely potential. Add on an author I have little experience with but have heard good things about, and yeah, you’ve definitely piqued my interest. Is it good?

Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

From what I can gather, this story takes place somewhere after the last movie. John Connor is preparing to totally wipe out the threat while we get a little backstory about a woman obsessed with advancing the design of the Terminator. All of this is going on with the story of a serial killer unfolding in the background. These different stories tie together in some way and create a neat and well structured story.

J. Michael Straczynski balances the classic Terminator moments (teleportation, acquiring clothes at a bar, pep talk from John Connor) with totally new and interesting scenes; my favorite being those showing us more about the escaped convict. Again, the story as a whole feels very true to the material but keeps from being boring or repetitive. This book serves to expand and enhance the Terminator world, not tread on familiar ground.

This book serves to expand the Terminator world, not tread on familiar ground.

Characterization is not the comic’s strong point, but is certainly not weak, either. John Connor could be written a little more smoothly and the doctor could have a little more personality, but overall things are pretty good. I did really enjoy reading the parts about the serial killer, as he did have a nice tone and rhythm.

The pacing is nice, especially with so many different points on the timeline to cover. The events don’t flow seamlessly (sometimes there is a little confusion to where we are in time) but I think the action is punchy enough to make it a fun read.

I don’t think I have ever seen Pete Woods’ art before, but I was pleased with it. He handled all of the body figures and faces well and the scenery wasn’t half bad. And the fact that he does his own inks is honorable as well, even more so considering how well they’re done. The colors are okay—they’re used well, the palette is just a little underwhelming.


  • Fun addition to the Terminator mythos
  • Nicely paced, high-action story that keeps your attention
  • Art is good for the most part
  • Some characters seem a bit off
  • Hard to tell what time everything takes place at any given point in the comic

Is It Good?

Yeah, worth a shot for sure. A few grievances and shortcomings here and there keep this book from being monumental, but a fun read for any Terminator fans, hardcore or not. The story and pacing make this comic engaging and a great choice to fill that free spot on your pull-list.