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Is It Good? Velvet #2 Review

While I didn’t have too much to say on the first issue, Velvet still had a fantastic opening issue with plenty of intrigue and action. Now that we have dealt with the setup, it’s time for the book to forward and get going with this conspiracy. Is it good?

Velvet #2 (Image Comics)


Velvet Templeton has been set up as either the killer or a person involved in the murder of X-Op 14, a big named agent for the organization she works for. Investigating a lead puts her in the wrong place at the wrong time as another member of the organization, Sergeant Roberts, and his team try to bring her down. However, they may have bitten off more than they can chew, since Velvet is the not just some secretary in a office.

It’s a good thing that part of me has memorized a map of the area ahead of time.

This issue didn’t feature as much story progression as I thought it would, but focuses more on the capabilities and strengths of our main character. We saw a bit of that last time with her investigation and fighting skills, but here we see just how much of a force she is as she fights off every single goon that is tossed at her and gets into a car chase while also planning her escape. It’s very impressive and a great way of getting the audience interested in seeing and learning more about her. Velvet’s narration is good as well, which helps us gain insight to her character and how she reacts under pressure. Seems she’s slowly getting her groove back from her secret agent days.

While the issue is mostly about revealing more about Velvet, the story does not move much like I stated. Most of what Velvet thinks/narrates about with the conspiracy is information we as an audience have already figured or could have guessed (As in, it maybe being an inside job) . We do get some extra clues and hints about her past as well, but not much is stated there either. That in particular is not a bad thing though, since it builds a second mystery, focusing around the main character that the audience will probably want to know more of.

The early days of the wing suit, back when only government spies where reckless enough to wear one.

Steve Epting continues his work on the book and he gets to stretch a bit when given the chance to draw action scenes: quite simply, they are impressive and incredible to see. I remember his work on Winter Soldier, where his action was good, but not nearly as well done as it is here. The car chase in particular is the highlight, and features tons of energy and excitement. There is not much to say regarding the artwork other than it looks visually impressive.


  • Velvet is a great character.
  • Very action packed and engaging.
  • The artwork by Steve Epting is enjoyable.
  • The story still hasn’t moved a lot.
  • Not much is learned in this issue.

Is It Good?

Velvet #2 is a solid book overall. It didn’t push the story forward as much as I hoped, but it still was a fantastic time as it expanded on the character and showed what she was capable of. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for some good spy action.


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