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Is It Good? Alex + Ada #2 Review

Jonathan Luna creates the most compelling and unique comics today. His comics are paced exceptionally well with clean lines and a focus on the psychological side of characters, which is right in the wheelhouse of folks who want to read something that means more than blind action. Issue #2 hits the stands today. Is it good?

Alex + Ada #2 (Image Comics)

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Last issue Alex came home to a robot in his living room. These robots are companions who look and sound human, but are anything but. Alex’s grandmother wanted to give him a special present for his birthday and was concerned about his love issues (or lack thereof). Enter a robot, which at face value may be a quick fix, but it’s something right? This issue focuses on Alex’s perturbed feelings for the robot and the mixed emotions he’s going through.

Love how the word balloons are so balanced.

Obviously Luna has a very confused and unemotional man as his protagonist. The guy can’t handle a date, how is he going to handle a robot that will do and say whatever he wants? It’s a very unnatural thing to take in, which makes the dynamic between Alex and the robot so intriguing. Like any good science fiction, when you put a very relatable human or situation into a story and augment his life with the fantastical, you have yourself some amazing potential for social commentary. We’re getting that here for sure. I will say though, this issue is more about Alex and the robot getting comfortable, or deal with the lack of familiarity, rather than any social commentary.

There are however a few pages that seem to suggest being lonely isn’t worth it, even if it means having an inhuman companion. The question arises, how important is your significant other when your own needs get in the way? Compelling stuff is being weaved here and I can’t help but love every panel of it.

Is it just me or does everyone look distant?

Luna’s art continues to show a deft hand when it comes to blank space and pacing. A character may not even move between two panels, with an unexpressive face to boot, but it does an incredible thing for the reader. We’re holding our breath, waiting for action to take place, which is rare in comics. This creates tension and anticipation that’s invigorating.

Back away…slowly.


  • Incredible pacing
  • Strong characters and dynamics at foot
  • Societal aspect takes a back seat this issue

Is It Good?

So far this is an incredibly strong series that’s well thought out and interesting. If you love characters, particularly stories that get inside their heads, this comic book is for you.


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