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Is It Good? Drumhellar #2 Review

Another Image series for me to review, swiped from Jordan! Although last month our review gave Drumhellar #1 a 1.5 rating, I loved the comic. So, does the psychedelic craziness continue? Is it good?

Drumhellar #2 (Image Comics)

Although I am missing a lot of crucial plot points (some of these things are just totally over my head), I do understand the basic premise, and enjoy it. Drum is a detective, some kind of supernatural detective at that. He has just joined back up with his ex, Padma, who is a werewolf sometimes, not sure how that works. They are together trying to find a bogdan and fully understand what the hell it actually is. They go on a wacky quest to find this mysterious being and run into some other, equally random characters.

The greatest thing about this comic is the art, that’s for damn sure. It’s super psychedelic with its colors, a little bit fuzzy with its linework and overall totally offbeat. I love the juxtaposition of the washed greens and blues of the landscape with the bright purples of the mind creatures.

Without this art, the story really wouldn’t be anything. The scenes with the weird creatures and beings are so colorful and vibrant you almost feel like you’re hallucinating. The atmosphere is fun and crazy and helps move the story along.

Considering I don’t really understand what’s going on, the story moves along nicely. From what I can tell the bogdans are actually spirits of Native Americans who were hung centuries ago. It’s quick and chaotic and doesn’t linger too much on less important moments.

I don’t really think that this series is focused on world-building, but it has created a nice nest of familiar and fun characters. The lady at the diner, the farmer and our main characters are all nicely weaved together in a functional and reasonably sized cast. There is no confusion about intentions or motives, something that can create lots of questions about a story, so the characters are all pretty easy to read and relate to.


  • Art is just so gorgeous
  • Writing is fine
  • Monsters are fun and original
  • Story is hard to understand

Is It Good?

Yeah, I liked it a lot. Besides the fact that most of the story is totally lost on me this is a well written, well paced comic featuring some of the greatest comic art to ever be published. This is a fun, weird story that everyone should relish, because something of its like may never be created again.

All of the mechanics and creative elements of this comic are spot on. Great dialogue, and again, kick-ass art.


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