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Is It Good? Justice League #25 Review

After being missing for a month and a couple of pushbacks as well, the next issue of Justice League is here! Last time, we got to see Ultraman’s origin and what he has been up to since coming to Earth 1. This time, we turn our attention to Owlman and his own past. Is it good?

Justice League #25 (DC Comics)

30 years ago in Gotham City on another Earth, we learn of Owlman’s origins and the death of his family. Flash back to now, we see him start to put into order his own plans on Earth 1. It involves recreating something he lost so long ago…

Also, he doesn’t take kindly to being called the “B” word.

I found this to be a pretty solid issue overall. Like with the last issue, I found the origin of Owlman and learning about what his goals are to be quite enjoyable, even with how twisted his past is. It adds a bit more to the character, like with how the last issue did with Ultraman. It does not make him likeable honestly, but hey, it’s nice to have characterization so the villains aren’t flat or anything. One thing I’ll note about this issue (as well as the one before) is that I feel both are honestly going to be a necessary read to get the full details of Forever Evil. I didn’t think we would with the last issue, but with the way plot elements and subplots are being built and how important they seem to be, I’m suspecting that you’ll definitely be needing to read this alongside the main event.

The rest of the writing is strong as always. It’s well-paced, the subplots being built are interesting, some of the minor Easter Eggs are amusing if you know what they are, and the cliffhanger is pretty great with how many ways we can interpret it. One thing that I am not sure about is with Owlman’s desire to rebuild his family or even an interest in one. I understand he is a control freak and he would like to rebuild a family that he could control, but given how his second attempt at creating his own family failed, why would he try again with a person even less likely to want to listen to him? Other than the fact that you may be wanting to see the actual Justice League in a Justice League book (well the Crime Syndicate is sort of the JL, but from an evil world), it’s pretty well written and structured like usual.

If he is this bad, how did he even get his medical degree?

The artwork is brought to us by Doug Mahnke this time around (don’t know what happened to Ivan Reis) and it’s pretty good this time around. His particular style works well for the grim and sometimes unusual visuals that we see in this issue. One thing to really note here is that we have four different inkers working on this comic (seriously, can Doug ever get just one inker to do his work?). Thankfully, this is not very noticeable for the most part, except for a flashback scene towards the end (with an entirely different colorist as well), and is not likely to pull you out of the book like with previous issues done with these many people.


  • Owlman is well characterized.
  • The writing, from subplots to dialogue, is good overall.
  • Artwork is not bad for the most part.
  • Unfortunately, feels very necessary to read for Forever Evil.
  • Owlman’s plan seems very questionable in how it’ll work.
  • Occasionally noticeable when there is a change in colorist and inker.

Is It Good?

Justice League #25 is another solid issue for the series. Despite being most likely necessary to read in order to add more to Forever Evil, the comic itself is very enjoyable with solid characterization and decent plotting. Give it a shot if you want more of Forever Evil this week.


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