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Is It Good? Justice League of America #10 Review

We continue with our Forever Evil tie-in, following the adventures of Stargirl and Martian Manhunter as they try to get back to Earth to stop the Crime Syndicate. How will it go for them? Is it good?

Justice League of America #10 (DC Comics)

Catch up to speed with our review of last month’s issue.

Stargirl has escaped from her prison… but she has melded with Martian Manhunter. It’s causing her to be unable to focus on her surroundings and constantly blackout and or have flashbacks of her past. This wouldn’t be too big of a problem if not for the fact that is surrounded by a group of very dangerous villains that are planning on killing her.

Oh hey, Giganta has recovered from having her eyeball blown out a while back. Good for her.

As with the previous issues, the comic is good even if not much progression takes place. Sure, now that we are three issues into this Forever Evil tie-in, we can see how much has happened; it just doesn’t feel like that on a month to month basis. In fact, most of the plot advancement takes place on the last three pages. Regardless, the issue is still good. It’s more about delving into Stargirl’s past and revealing what encouraged her to continue being a hero. It’s very good, especially for Stargirl fans, in helping to build more of her character and life in this world. Other than that, there is really not much else to say regarding the story.

Dammit, will you stop interrupting my flashbacks?

There are two separate artists on the book, with Tom Derenick (from last issue) and Eddy Barrows. Both of their work looks good here, with well-drawn characters, action scenes (highlight goes the doube page spread) and panel layouts. From what I can tell just from looking through the pages, it appears that Eddy does most of the work until the last couple of pages where Tom steps in. To their credit, the change is not really obvious (the change appears to happen during the change between present and into flashback) so it won’t really pull you out. And outside of maybe Pat’s hair color changing at points, I have no real complaints towards the artwork for the issue.


  • Great for Stargirl fans.
  • Great, impressive looking action.
  • Solid artwork.
  • Not too much happens.

Is It Good?

Justice League of America #10 is a decent book; not much to really comment on other than that. It great for the Stargirl fans out there and getting to see her kick a lot of ass, but that’s kind of it since not much goes on in it otherwise. Worth a read, but not a must buy.


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