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Is It Good? Kings Watch #3 Review

So far the teamup book of the century (well, last century, really) has been fun, interesting and above all else worth reading. How is issue #3 though, is it good?

Kings Watch #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

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Last issue Flash Gordon was getting his legs eaten off by an ice snake monster. The Phantom was in a jungle discovering the bad guys doing bad things, and Mandrake the Magician was…well, sort of waiting to do stuff. This issue opens with Mandrake doing things and the team finally coming together!


Aside from the above info, this issue also reveals more of the bad guys and their ultimate goal. I won’t ruin anything, but if you’ve ever read Flash Gordon you may have seen the final pages coming. That said, writer Jeff Parker has done a great job pacing this story out. To have the gall of teaming up these heroes all the way in issue #3 rather than throwing them together quickly, helps flesh out their characters and separate them as individuals. That makes the dynamics between them that much more exciting.

Seeing them work together is pretty exciting, especially when you consider their skill sets. They are very human characters who barely know one another, so you’re not seeing Avengers style fighting, which makes it more of a street level; think on your feet type of action. The scope of the end is setting up quite a battle too, especially considering the power levels of these heroes. It all amounts to some incredibly pulp fun to be had for sure.

Are all magicians arrogant?

The art by Marc Laming continues to deliver as well and while it’s not hyper detailed or inventive with the layouts, it tells the story well. I also dig the heavy ink job he’s doing, which makes the overall story feel dark and brooding. Considering Earth’s future hangs in the balance, it fits.

I’m getting a racist Chinese vibe from this dude.


  • Art matches the tone
  • Story progression for the win
  • Little heavy on the dialogue

Is It Good?

A strong issue which brings us, finally, to the team up we’ve been waiting for, but the wait was worth it. The art continues to imbue the darkness this story is conveying and the story progresses satisfyingly.


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