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Is It Good? Lazarus #5 Review

We finally return to Greg Rucka’s Lazarus, one of my favorite new series to come out of Image this year. We had quite the exciting finale to the first arc last time, so I’m pumped to see where it goes from here into the second arc. Is it good?

Lazarus #5 (Image Comics)

Following a flashback scene of seeing her when she was younger, we follow Forever as she hunts down Jonah, her renegade brother that had betrayed the Caryle Family. As she does so, we also see scenes of a Waste family (they are bottom of the Totem Pole if you will) somewhere in Montana as they prepare to leave their own to escape a flood.

Oh! She’s so adorable!

This was a rather quiet issue of Lazarus. I suppose quiet and laid back is in order for this series after an action-packed first arc and finale and quite honestly, this was rather nice. The issue served as an epilogue in a way, but also start to the new arc and world building. It was an epilogue in that sense that Forever checks in on her sister and the daughter of the man she killed back in the first issue, it started the new arc by setting up the story with searching for Jonah, and it did world building by revealing Forever’s past and seeing what it is like to be someone at the bottom of the system in place. The comic does every part well with good emotion and characterization from everyone, while also having me fully invested in this next storyline.

Speaking of characterization, Forever continues to be a likeable and interesting character throughout. With adding the flashback, it helps us understand more of her past and seeing how those events shaped her into becoming the woman she is now. The scene with her visiting that man’s daughter is great, because it shows her humanity; even though she knows it would be hard (and it shows it to because she lacks the ability to actually answer the woman back when she confronts her head-on) and would not make up for anything at all, it is still the right thing to do and she is genuinely sad because of what she had done. It’s just so great.

The artwork by Michael Lark remains just as good as always. His characters look great and are full of emotions (just watch Forever in a lot of the quieter scenes for instance), his locations are nice, mood and tone is often great, and despite there being just a little bit of action, it was also just as good. I feel like I’m repeating myself, but this is really great art and really helps with bringing out the most of the story.

Finally, we found the perfect sparring partner for Hit-Girl.


  • Well written in every aspect.
  • Forever is a strong protagonist.
  • The artwork is as great as always.
  • For those who wanted it, it was very light on action.
  • In general, it is mostly setup.

Is It Good?

Lazarus #5 is great start to a new story arc. It may be light on the action and quieter in some ways, but don’t let that fool you: the writing is just as strong and emotional as always and the artwork continues to be on fire. Don’t miss out on this issue for sure.


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