The first issue of Protectors, Inc. showed a lot of promise. It has an interesting history and world from what it has presented, but the story didn’t feel like it had started yet. Hopefully, things can take off from here now and start really pulling us in. Is it good?

Protectors, Inc. #2 (Image Comics)

It’s another day in the superhero world that Lieutenant Detective John Riley lives in. Traffic is jammed, a superhero caused more damage than necessary in order to stop a car thief, heroes are having their rivalry fights in the clouds, and more. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Justice smiles upon my wanton destruction.

Now if you notice from my description, I was rather brief about what happened. To be honest, that’s because there really isn’t much to say here. Most of what happens goes down at the very end and even then, it’s really not much. Basically, the police now know about what happened at the beginning of the last issue and some officers get assigned a couple of cases. Really not much did go on in this issue despite what the solicitations may have implied. Speaking of which, like with the last issue, if you did not read the solicit information, don’t. It seems to contain spoilers for the next issue or in the future.

Besides the lack of progress, this is still a decently written story. It feels like a crime drama you would see on TV (this issue would be like the first ten minutes of an episode) that just happens to be set in a superhero world. It’s not like Powers or Gotham Central where the superheroes seem to be playing into the crimes…yet. The characters are likeable, to where I relate to Riley a bit and probably would have the same reactions as him, and the character interactions are pretty enjoyable. It can really feel believable in a way and help drawn you into everything. The pacing is decent and I am very interested in seeing more of what is going on (I am a sucker for crime dramas), but again, not much went down overall and the story still really hasn’t taken off.

Who is posing as if someone was painting her.

I have the same comments on the artwork as I did last issue. It’s bland, but perfectly acceptable. No one is drawn particularly bad and the costumes are, again, passable. However, it’s just not artwork that has much to say or leaves an impression on you.


  • The characters and dialogue are strong and feel real.
  • The setup is still good and the world remains rather interesting.
  • Still does not feel like the story has started.
  • Artwork is rather bland overall.

Is It Good?

Protectors, Inc. #2 is a good comic that has the potential despite not much happening and the forgettable artwork. It’s got a good setup, solid characterization and dialogue, and an engaging mystery that makes me want to know more. There’s plenty of room for it to grow and here’s hoping it does as more is revealed over time.

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