Let’s continue with the latest in the oddball relationship of Superman and Wonder Woman in Superman/Wonder Woman #3. What lies before the two now that they know the Phantom Zone is starting to weaken? Is it good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #3 (DC Comics)


After taking a blast from Apollo’s sun powers, Superman is taking a rest and talking with Batman about his relationship with Diana; just a quiet moment to reflect with a friend about what has been happening recently. Meanwhile, somewhere in North Africa someone has escaped from the Phantom Zone. Someone extremely powerful that may cause serious problems for the world.

Anyone else get a Darth Vader yelling, “Nooooo” vibe?

I’ve taken a moderate stance on this series so far. It has been good but it really hasn’t won me over or wowed me by any means: it’s mostly just an OK book. However, this issue was a big step up. Great characterization, solid dialogue, plot progression (okay, it’s mostly confined to the beginning and end of the issue, but still!), great action, and more all rolled into one issue. It made for a very enjoyable read.

Starting from the top, the characterization Charles Soule carried out was just great this time around. The scene between Superman and Batman was very strong and really demonstrated what close friends they are (Even better than what Batman/Superman is currently doing). It may be a bit hokey and odd considering the subject matter with the characters but it is still strong. Wonder Woman is interesting as well, talking with her friend about her relationship with Clark. With strong dialogue and a surprisingly good sense of humor occasionally, the relationships and characters were much better this time around, with even adding a bit of emotion to everything.

Batman: Master of Relationships.

The art is about the same as always: very good with a couple of minor issues. The characters look fine overall (though a couple of a side shots of Woman Woman’s face look off), the action is good, the use of shadows and colors are solid and the layouts make it easy to follow. Of course, as always, the facial expressions are hit and miss. Wonder Woman always seems to have the same expression on her face outside of one or two instances. The artwork, otherwise, is enjoyable.


  • Strongest characterization in the series yet.
  • Great dialogue and character interaction.
  • Writing and artwork are well done overall.
  • Some of character scenes may not be for everyone.
  • Facial expressions continue to be less than stellar.

Is It Good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #3 was a nice step up in quality. The relationships between everyone, the dialogue, and the emotional aspects were strong and helped make the characters more real in a way. If this is where things start improving, then I’m excited to see where the title will continue on from here.