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Is It Good? The Other Dead #4 Review

Without a doubt my favorite IDW book, The Other Dead, hits the shelves today with its fourth installment. With the whole cast coming together at last, this issue promises to be crazy and awesome. Is it good?

The Other Dead #4 (IDW Publishing)

Our clan of survivors now has to face their most brutal challenge yet. They are in a small house in Orleans when a giant hurricane hits. Along with presenting the normal threats of a hurricane, it also brings in zombie animals with its giant waves. Everything is going to hell, but Obama is there to save the day.

I did enjoy this story, even when compared to the stories of the first three. It was more hectic, which is tough considering the whole series has been a mess of zombie dogs and kids running around. With a hurricane and a horde of zombie animals the heroes are pretty miserable. This comic truly struck fear into my heart, mostly because it was just so hopeless and chaotic.

Tommy has been a pretty underdeveloped character the whole series. We don’t go too deep into what he’s all about, but I would say we get to know him a lot better. And it’s kind of interesting how our introduction to him is structured. In the scariest, most intense moments of his short life we see him at his core. A teacher of mine once said that it’s our toughest moments, and how we deal with them that define us, and Tommy is an example of this in some sense. We see from these few panels of his inner monologue that he really is innocent, but we had to wait until the scariest, most grueling situation to find that out.

I was wondering a little while ago how Joshua Ortega would tie the hunters and Obama’s story threads together, but this issue he made the three meet in a clever way. Apparently the hunters are fiery Republicans who glorify the old south and the Confederation. When Obama steps into their house things get awkward, in an interesting and entertaining way.

Aside from time-filling yet clever dialogue, this comic keeps up the trend of crazy action that we have become accustomed to from this series. Az’s friend gets bitten more times than seems possible without all of his skin just falling off and there is a good bit of shooting of animals. The most interesting threat in this issue was a zombie manatee; I mean, really: a manatee!

Qing Ping Mui keeps up the great work on pencils keeping the world realistic looking while also adding in the chaos of the storm and all that it throws at the characters. My only complaint with the pencils is the occasional unclear animal. Sometimes I can’t tell exactly what animal he is trying to show and have to really study the panel to be able to understand the beast pictured.

Is It Good?


  • Love Obama meeting the hunters
  • Action is great as always
  • Lots of emotion this issue
  • Sometimes panels are too hectic to decipher

Definitely. This rip roaring comic delivers hard, gritty action while maintaining a human, (at times) humorous tone with Tommy and the hunter-Obama interactions. All of the writing is top notch and the story continues along in a way that promises a satisfying next couple of issues.

Art is consistently good except for an occasional lack of clarity.


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