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Is It Good? Uncanny X-Men #15.INH Review

This looks like a fun issue: A girls’ night out with the Uncanny X-Women plus a tie-in to Inhumanity. Can things get any better? Well let’s see if things can get better, is it good?

Uncanny X-Men #15 (Marvel Comics)


Ahhh, my prediction was correct: this issue is incredibly fun. The Cuckoos and Tempus are upset about their limited wardrobe and have decided to bother Magik for a night of shopping. Magik has no problem, so the girls, now joined by Jean Grey, take it up with Emma. Emma provides them with phat stacks and a destination and off they go!

There is a great energy and sense of fun in this issue. From the girls humorous persistence to Kitty’s reluctance to get new clothes, this issue’s dialogue is fantastic. Even when the situation does turn serious, Bendis make the X-Men very human and interesting to read. Very spirited and fun to read!

What I really enjoyed about the crossover aspect of this comic was how the inclusion of the Inhumans didn’t seem at all forced. It genuinely felt like the girls went out and just happened to run into the Inhumans, not that Bendis needed an excuse to get the Inhumans involved. Although it doesn’t move either the ongoing narratives of the Uncanny X-Men or the entire Inhumanity arc along in any way, this is a great tie-in.


Bendis also does a terrific job expelling the idea that the girls only want to go shopping because they are female, but rather, because they haven’t been shopping in a while! It’s a fresh concept: mutants who have adventure filled, crazy lives actually just want something that normal kids have — a chance to have some. It’s a nice metaphor for all superheros and makes the group that much more human. Even though they’re mutants. You know what I mean.

Although this definitely wasn’t an action-centric comic, the parts of the comic when the mutants dealt with the Inhumans and A.I.M dealt with the mutants were both very enjoyable. The creative team, both Bendis and Anka carry the action very well.



  • Bendis at his best-is (that wasn’t funny)
  • All of the characters are so enjoyable
  • Not forced at all in the Inhumanity part
  • Gives us a taste of Inhumans without polluting the comic with crossover relevance
  • Kris Anka is so good!
  • Doesn’t really progress the Inhumanity story or the Uncanny X-Men story

Speaking of Anka, I am just in love with his art style. What an artist! His costume designs are so original, his use of colors is unheard of (just look at that cover) and the expressions are definitely good at telling a story.

Is it Good?

Without question! What an issue, especially following such a sophisticated and satisfying issue last month, this comic really did wonders in showing the best of the X-Women and Bendis. Really all aspects of this comic were wonderful.


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