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Is It Good? Wolverine and the X-Men #39 Review

It seems like it was only two weeks ago when I read Wolverine and the X-Men #38. Actually, wait, it was two weeks ago… That’s right folks, your favorite X-Book is now double shipping through its closing few issues. With a great new artist on the series, this comic is nostalgic and fun. I know I sort of already answered this, but, is it good?

Wolverine and the X-Men #39 (Marvel Comics)

After yelling at Maria Hill, Wolverine got tired of expressing his frustration with the sentinel issue verbally and instead chose to launch an attack on the sentinel storage facility. But Wolverine doesn’t want any help on his mission. He’s chosen to go take on a large team of sentinels both alone and handicapped by his recent loss of healing ability. Fortunately (maybe not so fortunately for Logan) Cyclops is there to assist him and debate the past, something X-Men rarely miss an opportunity to do.

Meanwhile, at the Jean Grey School, Joseph is starting to fit in with the other mutants and enjoy his time learning. But his sister, Josephine, eventually convinces him that he is a human, not a mutant and they plan to report back to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ after destroying the school.

My initial reaction to this cover: you’ve got to be kidding me! Instead of winding down the series and really focusing on the core characters of this book you’re adding Scott into the book? That’s ridiculous! If anything I would kill someone off in the last couple of issues, not expand the cast. I really hope my last experience with Wolverine and the X-Men isn’t it being a mess of too many characters.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Cyclops adds an outsider’s perspective to Wolverine’s misadventures as a headmaster that are true and insightful. I think he falls under the same category as Maria Hill in that he doesn’t, historically and currently, play a large part in the series but will in some way influence the end of the series. He is also like S.H.I.E.L.D.’s leading lady in that he is never shy about telling Wolverine exactly what he thinks about Logan’s school.

The story at the JGS is a compelling one, but not an entirely new one conceptually. Joseph has made friends somewhere he was told to make no ties with anyone, and when the operation comes to an end, he doesn’t want to leave. I’ve seen this in countless other places and it’s a very cliched story. However, Jason Aaron writes it well enough for it to seem even a little bit believable so it’s still enjoyable, if only marginally.

There is a sense of spirit and companionship among the students and at the Jean Grey school in general. It genuinely seems like a place that would be fun for anyone and really creates the right atmosphere for an energetic, youthful story. I attribute this in part to Jason Aaron for his creative and witty dialogue but also to Pepe Larraz for his sharp lines and intricate backgrounds.


  • Great, lively characters
  • Really sharp art
  • Cyclops’s appearance isn’t wasted
  • I’ve seen this story before

Is It Good?

You bet. Characterization has always been this series strong suit, and this issue the characters are so very enjoyable. Although the plot may seem a little recycled to some, I definitely had fun reading this comic book.


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