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Is It Good? The Walking Dead #118 Review

Ideally I would have written this review a while ago, but unfortunately it’s only now that I am totally caught up with Walking Dead and can start reviewing it. Miscommunication with advanced review copies, limited budget on comics and just not having enough time have kept me from reviewing this series. But here we are now, the midway point for the first All Out War trade paperback. Is it good?

The Walking dead #118 (Image Comics)

Gregory has returned to the Hilltop with much anger and frustration. He is incredibly displeased that Rick would go against Negan; Gregory (he may be alone in this) thinks that Negan is a reasonable and helpful ally. What a jackass. This really burns Maggie’s ass; she reprimands him, telling him that Negan beat her husband’s head in with a bat. Gregory settles down. After Maggie gives the inevitable rousing speech (cue stirring music) we switch views to the community where Michonne is filling Carl in on the details of the recent battles.

All things considered, this issue did make a nice advancement in the story

I felt like the transition from Michonne talking to Carl to Ezekiel’s narrative was a little awkward and more than a little confusing. Without any prior explanation to the narrator or setting of the story we are thrown into a battle I don’t think we even knew happened.

When I finally came to understand what was going on, I enjoyed Ezekiel’s telling of the battle quite a bit. Not a lot of exposition make his flashback rely heavily on Charlie Adlard’s art, which tells the story quite well. What little writing there is, is very good. Ezekiel’s tale is crushing: in the midst of the battle Eric (Sam’s partner) took a bullet to the brain. A death not lingered over but yet still meaningful. As we read farther into the narrative, Ezekiel explains how he got separated from the group and almost killed by walkers until his loyal companion Shiva comes to his aid.

And yes, Shiva does meet her untimely demise this issue. I would like to take a bit of pity space to remember our lost, feline friend.

Well, that was moving. Although Shiva did die, she didn’t go down without a fight. She saved Ezekiel and became, yet another, victim of war. It all seems a little dramatic though, I think that this death could have been avoided and the issue still would have held it’s own as a sad issue, just for Eric’s death.

All things considered, this issue did make a nice advancement in the story. The war progressed and Maggie got Gregory and the rest of the Hilltop fired up and ready to fight their oppressive overlord. Although it’s usually tough to tell what’s to happen next in TWD I think I have a prediction, it’s kind of vague though. I am almost certain that the next move for Negan is an attack on the community, I mean, he has taken a lot of blows from the combined communities and I think he’s going to bounce back.


  • Fulfilling next chapter of All Out War
  • Art is all around good
  • Story elements are overplayed and avoidable
  • No Negan in the Negan storyline?

Is It Good?

There were good aspects to this comic, but as a whole, it was only average. The fact that Shiva died seemed a little bit just for dramatic effect and doesn’t really help the story much. Charlie’s art is solid and the inking is great, but that’s a given for this series. Some of the writing techniques are a little questionable, but overall I’m pleased with how this comic read.


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