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Is It Good? Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3 Review

Time to return again to a Forever Evil mini-series, Rogues Rebellion. What have our “loveable” rouges gotten into this time around? Is it good?

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3 (DC Comics)


The Rogues’ next stop has landed them in Gotham City and into the turf of Poison Ivy. Before they can escape, she has poisoned one of them and won’t undo it until they can give her what she wants: Sunlight for her plants. However, with the sun in a constant eclipse, how will they get the sunlight they need?

Dude, if the woman with plant powers wants to actually kiss you, then there is obviously something wrong!

Getting straight to it, this was a very simple issue in terms of story and scope. In fact, three issues in now, this mini-series feels like road trip movie done comic book style. The characters need to reach their destination, which is much easier said than done, while experiencing many hazards, obstacles and shenanigans along the way. Though in the case of this single issue, the plot feels like the equivalent of doing a fetch quest in a RPG. As such, the issue does not feel very eventful or all that exciting.

What is good about the issue, and about the series in general, is the character work. These characters feel unique and different from one another regarding their goals and personalities. There’s depth to them and why they do the things they do, especially highlighted in the scene between Mirror Master and Heatwave where they chat about risking their lives for someone else. That also goes into the dialogue of the comic, which is also strong and adds greatly to each character. There’s even a sprinkle of humor in there to keep things lively despite the situation that they have gotten into.

I’m surprised she didn’t try to kill him to begin with.

The artwork is what I’m split on the most again. As with the first issue, we have two different artists drawing the book, Scott Hepburn and Andre Coelho. I feel that Hepburn’s style still remains a bit too goofy looking for the tone of the book, despite some decent action and a surprisingly well drawn Ivy. Coelho works better here, having a more serious but enjoyable look that does fit the tone. His characters look striking and the action he draws is just as good as Hepburn. Both styles together though? Doesn’t work that great here due to their differences. For instance, Mirror Master’s eyeholes are completely white with Hepburn while we can see his eyes completely with Coelho.

Is It Good?


  • Great, well-developed characters
  • Decent writing
  • Andre Celho’s art isn’t too shabby
  • Pretty weak, forgettable plot overall
  • Artists’ styles don’t mix well together

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3 is very strong with characters and weak with its plot. It’s not a bad mini-series at all, but has some problems that hold it back from becoming truly exceptional.


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