This week marks the end of a fan favorite series at DC, Justice League of America’s Vibe. It was one of the more upbeat and fun books the company was making, but yet not many people bought it. With the final issue before us, does it go out with style or does it falter? Is it good?

Justice League of America’s Vibe #10 (DC Comics)

This is it. Mordeth is ready to invade Earth and conquer for herself, using her daughter, Gypsy, and her powers to reach the right dimension. It’s up to Cisco Ramon to stop this, rescue Gypsy, and possibly save his brother from madwoman’s mind control. Can he do it?!

It’ll certainly be a blast, that’s for sure.

This was a rather solid finale if I do say so myself. It feels like it wrapped up all the loose ends, while leaving a few dangling if the future writers wish to come back to this character. Admittedly, one or two parts are a bit rushed at the end, but not to same degree as The Fearless Defenders was when it ended. It all comes together well with a great sense of excitement, bittersweetness, and finality; reflecting on where our character will go from here.

The writing remains strong as ever. It takes an interesting route with telling the ending where Vibe is telling the story to Amanda Waller after the fact. It kind of spoils the ending in a way (though, I’m pretty sure no doubted the fact he would survive given that this story takes place before Trinity War), but not too badly. The dialogue, narration, and the exchanges between characters are good and a bit emotional at points. It’s well-paced and structured as well. Just all around well written.

Come on, it was a brand new desk! Can’t I be a bit bitter about you wrecking it?

The artwork is decent in general. Characters were drawn well and had a decent facial range (with one or two exceptions), the action was fantastic and energetic (in more ways than one), the colors were bright and made the images pop, and there were a couple of standout and memorable panels. Despite some bland backgrounds and maybe not the most impressive looking of all superhero comics, it was a well drawn book regardless in the end.


  • Great finale for the series.
  • Wraps up most of the story well.
  • Artwork looks good.
  • Maybe a bit too rushed in some parts.
  • Having the main character recount the events loses some suspense.

Is It Good?

Justice League of America’s Vibe #10 was a great ending to a very underrated series, one of many this year ended before its time. It was highly enjoyable, closing out most of the story and an ending that looks to the future with hope. Fans of the series will certainly enjoy this and I do hope that people check out the comic when it finally gets released into a trade paperback.