Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye. My Little Pony: Micro-Series is coming to a close with this very issue. There were good and average issues (nothing I remember being bad) throughout it all. Now we close with a special issue dedicated to Princess Luna. Will it go out with a bang? Is it good?

My Little Pony: Micro-Series #10 (IDW Publishing)

Night has ended and the sun has risen. Princess Celestia is waking up to begin her long day, chatting with her sister, Princess Luna, about what happened during the night shift. One thing leads to another and Luna, believing she is completely capable of doing anything Celestia can, ends up working the day shift. It can’t be too hard for her, right?

Luna is not genre-savvy.

Done by the duo of Katie Cook and Andy Price (who have done a bunch of arcs for the main book), they close out this micro-series with a simply wonderful romp. This is all about Luna and seeing how struggles with a hectic schedule that she has never had to deal with before and interact and help out the “civilians” of Canterlot. Her personality here goes back to the Halloween episode from a while back, where she was very socially awkward and did not know how to interact with regular ponies. For fans of the series, this might raise an eyebrow, since they would think Luna would have learned a bit how interact with others since then or at least know how to address everyone. Okay, I may be thinking too deeply about this…

Regardless of that fact, the issue is tons of fun overall. The humor and dialogue by Katie Cook is top-notch as always here, constantly having solid joke after joke (I haven’t laughed or smiled this much from the series in a while). The interactions between the characters, in particular with Luna and Kibitz, and their personalities bouncing off one another is great as well, contributing to a lot of the humor and also more quiet and thoughtful moments (for instance, Luna reflecting on the fact that she hasn’t been out during the daytime for quite awhile). One other thing to note is the moral of the story that comes with the issue. It’s basically simply “I can do your job easily,” which we have seen plenty of times before in others works, though not in My Little Pony if I recall. It may be a bit tired for the readers if they have seen it before.

Hmm… what about toadies or flunkies? How about that?

The artwork by Andy Price is up to the usual levels of quality you would expect from him. The characters are all drawn well and have a great range of expression, especially with Luna and seeing her deal with all of her new duties. The story flows well from every panel, the coloring and shading are great and help bring some power to key moments (especially Luna’s freak out at the end), and some of the layouts look nice. Something of note is that there aren’t nearly as much background events put into this issue like there was with Big Mac’s mini-arc, which was a tad bit disappointing. However, that’s incredibly nitpicking and small complaint in the grand scheme of things. The artwork is just great to look at here.


  • Princess Luna is great here.
  • Incredibly funny.
  • The artwork and the writing is solid overall.
  • Overly familiar and done to death moral.

Is It Good?

My Little Pony: Micro-Series #10 is a great ending to this series and great pick for any fans of the series and Princess Luna herself. It’s incredibly funny, drawn exceptionally well, and overall is well written. Definitely give this a shot if you want something a bit more funny this week.