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Is It Good? Supergirl #26 Review

Oh hey, Supergirl got a writer change (I believe this is the second one this year)! The series is now being written by Tony Bedard, who worked on Green Lantern: New Guardians. before Justin Jordan took over it. I wonder what this comic has in store for its readers now. Only one way to find out! Is it good?

Supergirl #26 (DC Comics)


After getting back from outer space, Supergirl goes to Shay Veritas to have herself checked out. Meanwhile, the “real” Lobo is on the hunt for the guy who stole his identity and on the fast track to Earth. The tip he got says that Shay may have an idea about the guy’s whereabouts.

Oh boy… get out your tiny violins people, because this will be quite the doozy.

This issue was… decent. Not too special or anything, just decent enough. It’s a new beginning for the character under this team and they help ease in new readers who are jumping on by doing a quick recap in the middle. The thing though is that Supergirl is such a depressing and sad sack of a character, with so much crap that has happened to her and her life that it honestly affects the tone of the book at points. Sure, it gives the character emotional aspects that can help the audience sympathize with her, but it may turn others off who are looking for a book that isn’t so overdramatic or down in the dumps. There is also the fact that this new Lobo takes up a good half of the book as well, stealing most of the panel time away from the supposed star of the book. In general, this may not be the best way to hook in a new reader for this kind of book.

The decent part of the book is basically in the writing. Everyone here is portrayed fine enough, the dialogue is alright, the pacing and structure are fine, the cliffhanger is good (though if you anything about the character, this really isn’t as bad as it looks) but sort of adds to that whole “Debbie Downer” tone, and the transitions between scenes are not abrupt. It’s a decently written book, but not something that is all that special.

Meet the second star of the book. Hope you don’t mind that.

The artwork by Yildiray Cinar and Ray McCarthy does look pretty good. Characters are drawn nicely with sharp and well-detailed pencils that makes everyone unique. The action also looks pretty with plenty of energy and color put into it. Speaking of the coloring, it’s really good looking here with its bright and vibrant tones that make the images pop. (Nice job Dan Brown.) The double page spreads are nicely laid out and easy to follow, one of which is used to catch the readers up on the story so far.

Is It Good?


  • Decent writing by Tony Bedard for the most part
  • Vibrant, pretty artwork
  • Main character isn’t given much focus.
  • Depressing tone isn’t inviting for new readers.
  • Kind of uneventful until the end.

Supergirl #26 is a troubled start to this new writer’s run. A lot of the book is dedicated to someone else who isn’t the main star and the tone is rather off putting and not very encouraging. The writing is decent overall and the artwork isn’t half bad, but the book has a lot of work of ahead of it.


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