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Time for another annual, this one featuring Thunderbolts. Just like the recent Avengers Annual, this annual is done by a completely different team than normal. In this case, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (does anyone notice anything conspicuous about these names?). What do they have in store for us? Is it good?

Thunderbolts Annual #1 (Marvel Comics)


Dr. Strange has gone cuckoo and it’s up to the Thunderbolts to take him down before the situation gets any worse. However, do they have what it takes to kill the Sorcerer Supreme?

They may if they can complete all of their special fetch-quests!

As with the aforementioned Avengers annual, this is a simple done in one story that plays up the humor and puts the characters in silly (though this time it is actually serious) situations. In that regard, Thunderbolts Annual #1 is highly enjoyable for people simply looking to read something fun that involves these Thunderbolts characters/team. It’s actually not too far off from what the title has been like under Charles Soule if you want more of the same; people who want something more serious, this may not fit your bill.

Benjamin A. Blacker and Ben Acker’s writing is pretty good for this humorous one-shot tale. Characters are enjoyable to watch even if they are all morally questionable, the story is easy to follow and paced well, the dialogue is fun and the ending is just absolutely great. On the negative side, most of the action and the actual fight against Dr. Strange is kind of shoved into the very end and even then, the fight itself is rather anti-climactic. It’s good regardless though.

Has Deadpool been waiting for this day?

Matteo Lolli is on art duty and he does a good job overall. His characters look great and very expressive, which often adds to some of the humor based entirely how the characters react to certain situations. Lolli constructs some good layouts, impressive looking action scenes, detailed locations with some amusing background gags and creative looking images. Compared to some of the previous artists on the book, Matteo Lolli is easily the best artist to have worked on the book so far, even if it is just this one single issue.


  • A simple, but fun one-shot
  • Very funny
  • Great artwork by Mateo Lolli
  • Not for people who want something serious
  • Ending is a bit rushed

Is It Good?

Thunderbolts Annual #1 was a special treat. The book was a blast with a great sense of humor, memorable characters, and a serious but still goofy story. While this tone may not appeal for everyone with a cast of characters who are usually very serious and dark (besides Deadpool usually), this was undeniably a fun and a great read. Definitely worth a look this week if you want some Thunderbolts action.

  • -___-

    Everything in Annual was confusing, rushed, trying to cram everything in one issue, the jokes were not funny, and the mission that didn’t suit them at all. So Dr. Strange (a fake) was going to take the over the world by making everyone happy 24/7??? Yeah, the Thunderbolts is the team you send in after him for that…

    Elektra and Deadpool were easily defeated, Frank talked as if he’s a 1980’s or 90’s action star with dumb one liners… I’m sorry, but the Punisher doesn’t talk like that. When the Punisher and Flash (Agent Venom) meet Val, by the next page her and Flash are in bed, having already slept together… it looked as it was missing a few pages.

    Instead of using magic abilities like lightning, fire, earthquakes, the wind or the most basic spells that the lowest mage could use, the fake Dr. Strange either doesn’t use any of that on them for some reason. He must have been incredibly weak and dumb. He just uses happy spells… the team is given supernatural clothing and weapons, but nothing that great. At the end, did that SHIELD agent make them all forget what happen?

    Your just someone who’s easily amused…

    • Jordan Richards

      Let’s start from the top. First of all, humor is subjective and varies from person to person. What I find to be funny, you may not and vice versa. It’s a matter of opinion. For instance, I don’t find Sex Criminals to be funny while a lot of people do (and I often explained in detail about why I don’t think its funny). Just a difference of opinion. Plus, if I’m easily amused, why don’t I find that comic, where two characters are hitting each other with dildos, to be funny?

      Secondly, I have made it clear in my reviews of Marvel comics that I am a newcomer to the universe and that I don’t know all the strength levels, the lore (like what all the magical items were) and personalities of the characters very well (some I do or at least have a reasonable understanding. Elektra though, this is the first series I have ever read that she was in). I know and understand how a more experienced and knowledgeable fan would know these things and have a different reaction.

      Third, I did acknowledge that the comic was rushed, or at least the ending. To fix that, the comic would need more pages to expand on certain areas.

      Fourth, from what I remember (I don’t have the issue in front of me), the agents did wipe the minds of the Thunderbolts at the end.

      Fifth, even if you don’t agree me, please don’t insult me.

      That is all.

  • ComicBook Coby

    i loved it! i think W.A.N.D. would be a great addition to the Dr. Strange movie!