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Saints Row 4: ‘How the Saints Save Christmas’ Review (PC)

The holidays are just around the corner and game developers are no strangers to celebrating through various forms of community events and DLC. However, whereas some manage to come up with nothing more than cosmetic upgrades or bonus experience (yes, COD, I’m looking at you), Volition chose the high road of story DLC for Saints Row IV.

“How the Saints Save Christmas” takes place roughly in the middle/slightly after the main game and kicks off with The Protagonist arguing with the rest of the crew about how pointless Christmas and Santa are. Just then, a new (but kind of old) acquaintance reveals that Santa is in danger and the Universe is doomed if the Saints don’t save him. From there you go on a three-mission journey through Steelport and the North Pole (gift factory and reindeer included), fighting gingerbread men and giant elves, all in the name of saving the Christmas spirit. Oh and you also let to lick through a giant sugar cane lock. That’s about all I can say without revealing too many spoilers.


What I can tell you, however, is that this is still Saints Row 4 DLC — so expect lots of references mixed with some good (if simple at times) humor from Volition. There are plenty of laughs and fun fights in holiday decorations that leave you feeling accomplished when you’re finished. If two hours of main story leaves you wanting more, there are also two new activity types: Genki Holiday (Mind over Murder, but with Christmas trees and menorahs) and Naughty or Nice (bomb good people with gifts, and bad with coal). They’re fun short distractions for those OK with repetitive tasks.



  • Full of Christmas-themed jokes and references
  • Naughty or Nice is a fun time-killer
  • Amazing dialogue all the way through
  • Too short
  • Final boss could be annoying

There are no problems with performance and all new and updated locations, especially Santa’s factory, look great. The voice acting is still top-notch and overall, “How the Saints Save Christmas” is a great pack. Its only issue is that some players might find it too short, especially so if they don’t play side activities. Still, helping Santa save Christmas Spirit and prevent the end of the Universe for just $7 is one of the best early presents a gamer can get themselves this holiday season.


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