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What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to read a book about supervillains laying the smack down on all do-gooders? Let’s do it! Is it good?

Forever Evil #4 (DC Comics)


Plans are being made: Batman and Catwoman are working on gathering materials to fight against the Crime Syndicate, hoping that his contingency plans against the regular Justice League will work on their counterparts; Lex Luthor and his team work are coming up with a game plan with how to fight the Syndicate. Speaking of which, the evil group themselves seems to be having some trust issues…

Whoa whoa, I want the details about the Lighting Rod! That sounds like an interesting little tale.

We’re smack dab in the middle of an event and unfortunately, it definitely feels like it here with this new issue. Forever Evil #4 is rather uneventful, with characters being moved around into place for the inevitable showdown with the Crime Syndicate. I don’t doubt the end result will be impressive/incredible, but this issue just feels rather slow and padded out.

There are some intriguing hints and clues left throughout the story that indicate there are some bigger subplots and storylines that have yet to be revealed. Power Ring’s worried about recharging his ring, Grid’s surveillance of Batman and why it hasn’t reported it yet, and the off screen fight with the Doom Patrol. These elements make you curious about wanting to know and learn more about what is going on in the story. There are also some good character moments throughout, like Catwoman’s teasing or Luthor’s talk with Bizarro (not sure how much I’m willing to buy it though), that do give the material an interjection of life. It’s not a poorly written comic at all… just a decompressed one.


As usual, David Finch is on art duty and his style will likely remain either a hit or miss with the audience. His pencils and characters are gritty and ugly looking, though still good on conveying the right tone the story presents. The muscular and body proportions can be off a lot of the times, and some people tend to have the same faces. He did do pretty well with the more personal moments in the comic, actually capturing some genuine emotion in the characters face, so that does help a bit with the experience.


  • Good writing overall
  • Intriguing hints and burgeoning story elements laid throughout
  • Great, very promising ending
  • Not much happens
  • Artwork may be hit or miss for most

Is It Good?

Forever Evil #4 is sort of like that last issue. It’s decently written, but does not accomplish a whole lot, other than hints sprinkled throughout and with the ending itself. The artwork still has its good and bad moments to it as well. I’m still enjoying it and looking forward to where it goes, but it is a bit tiring at this point after all these event comics.