We all know the Batwoman controversy, the fact that the last arc will not be followed up on until this spring with an annual, and that the forced Zero Year tie-in wasn’t that good. However, it’s time to see what new writer Marc Andreyko has up his sleeve now that he gets to write his own plot and not a tie-in. Where will this title take us now? Is it good?

Batwoman #26 (DC Comics)


After a peculiar flashback to the 20s, we turn to the modern day where we see Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer attending a socialite party with one of Kate’s old friends from high school. The events take place after the last arc and after everything settled down (want to know what happened? You’ll have to wait for the annual in April!), but nothing ever stays quiet for too long. There is a peculiar looking thief that is stealing paintings at the moment…

Hey! Wait a minute, why did I just steal this again? It’s so ugly!

I’ll be honest here. After the last issue of Batwoman, I wasn’t expecting anything all that great coming from this one. After all, we had a creative team/story arc change at the last minute and everything looked like it was going to be rushed (especially the art, given what happened last time). Fortunately, this issue was a good read and sure, I would have preferred the last arc to have gone on, but at least we ended up with something surprisingly good.

The characters all feel the same as they were before, so no weird characterization issues stemmed from the change of writers, though with Bette being easily dispatched by this a bad guy after all that intensive training she got, is a bit hard to buy. The interactions, relationships, and dialogue are all enjoyable, especially with Bette trying to convince Kate to go out on patrol or with Kate talking with her friend. The story is fairly simple so far with it mostly being setup, but it ends on a pretty good cliffhanger and the villain so far is a formidable foe. I’m looking forward to seeing where the comic will go in the future under this new direction.

Don’t tease me like that comic, you know how much I want to know what happened!

The artwork is done by Jeremy Haun (you may remember him from Batman #23.2 and the Zero Year tie-in for Red Hood) and he does a pretty good job here. His characters look good, though his female characters have some similar facial qualities (a bit more excusable with Kate and Betty since they are related), and there are some half way decent facial expressions. The costumes look good on his pencil, his action flows very well. His locations and backgrounds are also well done, but some panels have some odd effects going on in them. Still, nitpicks aside, it’s a good looking comic and decent follow-up after Trevor McCarthy (though with less creative layouts).


  • Good character work
  • Good new arc
  • Artwork works very well
  • Carries a lot of baggage after everything that has happened
  • Mostly setup and a bit slow at times

Is It Good?

Batwoman #26 was a pleasant surprise for me. I wasn’t sure if the comic was going to keep up the quality after what happened with all the abrupt changes but things look to be turning around so far. I would like to follow-up on the events of last arc definitely, but I can make due until April for now.