Let’s see if the comic adventures of Skips from Regular Show are any good.

Regular Show: Skips #3 (Boom)

Based off of the cartoon created by J.C. Quintel which airs on—of all places—Cartoon Network, Regular Show is…it’s just, it’s like…

Anyway, this comic is written and illustrated by Mad Rupert. He mad, yo. This issue is a lot of fun: really funny, and there’s this dude who’s a time cop or something like that, so that’s pretty neat.

Okay, not quite that Timecop.

The likenesses are good, the jokes are funny, and if you like Skips you’ll obviously enjoy this. There are some funny uses of onomatopoeia. POMF! was especially great. Most of this issue is Skips chasing the time cop. It gets a little old. It’s like Groundhog Day, but via Regular Show.


  • Tike cop is funny.
  • Kind of boring

Is it Good?

I had a really hard time rating this. It’s funny and sticks to the spirit of the show, but I have no idea what should constitute a good or bad Regular Show comic. I liked it for what it was and it made me laugh, and I want to keep reading, so I guess that’s the best thing I could say about it. However, it was kind of boring. It is three issues in, so maybe it’s the calm before the storm or something.

You’ll want to keep reading it. Unless you don’t like Regular Show, in which case you will likely be very confused.